Tuesday, May 22

Seattle SuperSonics Draft 2007: We're Number Two!

Kevin Durant, welcome to Seattle. Please save us.

The bouncy balls have ceased bouncing, and the Seattle SuperSonics have landed the number two pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. The last time the Sonics had the #2 pick, things worked out pretty well.

The only way this could be sweeter is if Portland could find another Sam Bowie in the draft.

Kevin Durant video


Anonymous said...

HA! The I5 series will be worth watching for one last season! I thought Lenny was going to piss his pants when the Hawks got #3 - maybe he did? The look on the Boston's faces? PRICELESS! Tank that, guys.

Anonymous said...

No kidding! Got to admit the Schadenfreude on the Celtics. So many championships, so many good years. It's payback time! Maybe Doc Rivers' extension will console them....

Anonymous said...

Oden is nice but Durant is sensational. I am a Washintonian living in Austin and this dude is sick. He will end up being 6-10 or 6-11 and can play the post (hard, not like Reashard)and drain 3's. He'll win a couple of dunk titles and the dude plays with an attitude. He'll be another Shawn Kemp w/out the tragic demise. He is a hell of a defender too. He can block shots, and rebound like another.

Thank God, we needed this!!!

raf said...

There is a certain poetry to getting the #2 again.

But ain't nothing poetic about the BLAZERS getting #1. Unless you count that old D'Angelo song as poetry--Sh1t, D@mn, Mothafvcka. Which is pretty much what I said when I saw that news.

Nevertheless, a good day for the Supes.

Random-osity said...

JD shots and high fives all around, fellas. this was exactly what our god-forsaken franchise needed. an injection of excitement. i'm a grown ass man, and i can't wait to get my durant jersey.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahha! Go Supes!

Northwest representin' too!


Anonymous said...

just renewed my season tickets.. i hope they get swamped with calls. the Key needs to be rock'n.

eazy423 said...

earlier this year i disowned the sonics and their "latte-drinking billionaire dipwad who sold the team to the ultra-conservative Oklahoma hick with no soul (bill simmons)" and promised that i would adopt the team that drafted kevin durant as my new favorite nba squad.

and then the sonics end up with the #2 pick.


Eric Reynolds said...

There's joy in Mudville, folks!

Bill Simmons might commit suicide tonight.

Eric Reynolds said...

I bet David Stern is thrilled to know that the top two are going to the west. Maybe the lottery can't be rigged, after all. I'm so happy I don't even care about Portland, in fact, it's almost kind of cool. All eyes on the Pac NW!

Now hire Rick Carlisle or Kurt Rambis!

And what happens to Rashard now? More or less likely to stay?

Anonymous said...

I got home from work, turned on the TV fearing the worst. It was 6:30, the lottery was over so I turned to WNBA action on ESPN2 to watch the scroll.

When it finally got to the NBA they teased me by showing the spurs-jazz score first. Finally, it's draft time. And I see #1 - Portland scroll across the screen and think "clay bennett and portland gets a top pick. things are going from bad to worse for the sonics." Then I see #2 - Seattle.


As far as I'm concerned we could flip a coin for 'em. They'll both be great in this league.

Anonymous said...

You know, I shouldn't care--they're gonna leave anyway. But in the meantime: holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap

Eric Reynolds said...

I am no basketball expert, but I can't stop thinking about a Rashard/Allen/Durant tandem for the next few years. How can that NOT be amazing? Ray/Rashard were the third-highest scoring duo in the league this season. Rashard is not the answer, but now he doesn't need to be.

And you know, if we get Oden, goddamn, that's alright, too. That's the beauty of this.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that on the front page of this site there is a pic of the ping-pong balls with the number 2 ball specifically out of is protective containter posted on may 18th......hmmmmm....I say Conspiracy!!!

Anonymous said...

About damn time our sports city gets some type of luck!!! Durant is the next big thing bank on it!

Anonymous said...

Wow at getting durant. I can say as a kings fan with legimtate big man needs I wanted durant more. I think seattle is very lucky to get him. I dont think the jackass aka bennett deserves him though. I wonder if he sells the team to some owner who cares more about the Seattle community than Bennett does. Either way the seattle fans do benefit (assuming bennett is to cheap to cough up that relocation fee which isn't cheap).

Anonymous said...

Only thing to say:


Suddenly, I can see a reason to writing a Sonic blog again. Congrats to everyone. If I could, I'd mail you each a cigar and we could stand around like a bunch of rich bastards with grins the size of the Grand Canyon.

brokejumper said...

I posted earlier (under annonymous) that I hoped we would tank so Bennett sells the team.... but it is damn good to be wrong!

Now sell the team and go back to Oklahoma!

dunces said...

Fantastic. I better get some tickets for next season cause that shit's gonna be gone soon!

And Bennett, now there's no excuse. Put up or shut up.

Arena or GTFO

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about this as a blockbuster trade: Portland trades the #1 draft choice, Zach Randolph, and Martell Webster to Seattle for the #2 draft choice, Ray Allen, and Robert Swift (assuming that Swift passes a medical examination)? (1) Does it work under the salary cap? Yes -- the salaries match up. (2) Does it benefit Seattle? I think so -- assuming that they draft Oden, then they have a starting line-up of Greg Oden, Zach Randolph, Rashard Lewis (assuming that the Sonics get him re-signed) in the frontcourt, and Martell Webester and Luke Ridenour in the backcourt. They instantly get much younger, and have a core that would be competitive for the next 10 years or more. (3) Does it work for Portland? I'd say so -- how's this for a starting line-up: Robert Swift, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Kevin Durant in the frontcourt, and Ray Allen and Bradon Roy in the backcourt? That would be a very young team (although having some veteran leadership in Ray Allen), but it could be a force to be reckoned with! StevieTee

DSA said...

That's one goofy trade suggestion. Now we need a point guard, first and foremost. Durant is going to be a ton of fun to watch... but I am not sure how much he changes the situation for the franchise.

It seems like we will have to pry the franchise from Clay Bennett's dead hands, and it seems like he wants some middle America hoop palace to play king in.

Also, this is still only a decent playoff team if we stay very healthy and sign and trade Rashard for an excellent point guard, or a strong center. Otherwise, we are back to mediocrity.

I will float this wacky idea... for winning this year. What do you guys think about offering the #2 pick, and Rashard for the Sun's Amare and Barbosa?

I would love to get my hands on Conley Jr too, but can't figure out how it works

Anonymous said...

So we keeping Rashard or attempt a sign and trade for someone useful to play in the middle?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think that Frank Chopp knows Kevin Durant from Kevin Spacey? Sadly, this changes nothing if you want the team to stay in Seattle.

The best thing about yesterday's lottery is that we can start rooting for the Blazers as "our" team, while the Sonics play in OKC or KC.

Anonymous said...

A moment of silence for Bob Hill, who has to be banging his head against a thick wall right about now. On the plus side, any team that needs a new coach should hire him for a year, fire him and then be guaranteed the #1 or #2 pick in the following draft.

Anonymous said...

Great comment; I'd forgotten about Hill and the SA/Duncan situation. I'll have to include that in a future column. Bob, if you're out there, we feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Sitting in The Spectator on lower QA watching the lottery, I told my drinkin buddy that God can prove himself by getting us #1 or #2.

Then it fucking happened.

Thank you tiny baby jesus.

Eric Reynolds said...

"Thank you tiny baby jesus."

His name is Kevin!

Anonymous said...

You sonic fans have no idea how happy you truly should be to get KD. I'm a huge basketball fan who also happens to be a longhorn and i've been tracking this guy ever since I heard there was a possibility that Texas might land him. Highlight videos do very little justice to what he brings. Let's just say he's the only college player I've ever seen that I KNEW would make the clutch shot at the end. It was a foregone conclusion. His competitive spirit will light a fire in your city. Can't wait to get my own sonics' durant jersey. Hope they stay. It'd be a shame to see him in ok.city.

Anonymous said...

BZ -

We here all sorts of comparisons about Durant (a better version of Nowitzki, etc), but since you've seen him play more often than anybody up here, who does he remind you of?

Anonymous said...


KG and Mcgrady comparisons are decent ones to make but they're only accurate, imo, from a "who will he look the most like" point of view. I don't think either one of those guys likes having the ball at the end of games, as witnessed by T-mac quickly passing the ball out of his hands during the last 2 minutes of the game 7 debacle (I'm a rockets fan) against utah. KD lives for these moments. Remember he's so freaking young but his personality is engaging, his character is top notch, and he was schooled hard on the fundamentals, that this should provide him a great foundation to excel from. You will believe him when you hear him say he just wants to win. He won't take games off like lebron and he won't have all the off court issues of a carmelo. This concludes my durant love manifesto to you sonics fans. I'm excited for you guys (if you couldn't tell).

Oh, and eventually he'll be an insane defender....shawn marion-esque in that he could probably defend 3 different positions extremely well.

freaking nike had to ruin his chances of returning to texas. sigh.

DSA said...

well, if the highlight reels don't really do him justice, I believe that. He's obviously very very good, but the stats are truly unbelievalbe.

If Marion-esque defensive potential is for real, as you say BZ, and the guy can put up 26 points a game (or even a clutch 22 and 10), then beautiful.

But what if this is the only season? How disturbing is that-- that he could be a top 50 all time guy, and we will get his lanky, kobe-esque development, but not the 2 or 3 championships. And who can stand Bennett's totally predictable coming manipulation of what is totally extrordinary good luck. (I bet Shultz is shocked)

Part of me just says, "Piss off" got to KC or Louisville or San Jose, leave the name and the colors... burn in hell.

Am I alone here? A bit too cynical?

Viva AC Milan.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of a potential sign and trade with Mil...for example, Rashard, Ridnour and our second rounders for Mo Williams, Bobby Simmons (for cap purposes) and their number six pick. I think the Bucks go for this trade, because they can shore up the 3 spot and get a decent point guard.

The Sonics starting five could look like Mo Williams, Ray Allen, Durant, Brandan Wright/Noah, Collison/Wilcox. Thoughts?

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