Sunday, May 27

Nuss gets props from Times, call from KIRO

Seattle Supersonics expert Peter NussbaumPeter J. Nussbaum, the hardest working man in blog-ness, is featured in not one, but TWO major Seattle media markets today. First, in this morning's Seattle Times, and later (possibly) on KIRO (he was asked to be on tonight, but we're having a hard time tracking him down in the wilds of Canada).

Anyway, imaginary high-fives all around!

UPDATE: Pete also got name-dropped on AOL Sports today!


Eric Reynolds said...

Go Nuss! It's nice to read someone in the Seattle Times sports pages who actually knows what they're talking about!*

* Okay, cheap shot that ignores some good writers like Larry Stone. But you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking that picture has some serious homosexual overtones to be viewed as a definitive essence of manliness, regardless of your views on whether Maddox really does have the best page in the universe.

Ben Q. Rock said...

I think Nuss commented on my blog today. Does that make me big-time now?

I feel like Tony Battie signing a 6 year, $20 M deal. Or, for Sonic fans, like Jim McIlvane.

Anonymous said...

If by big-time you mean, not big-time, then yes.

Congratulations - you're now just as famous as me!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Peter. Look at that Tahoma education flexing its literary and journalistic muscles!!

Seriously though, nice work. As per Paul's suggestion, the So Cal Nussbaum contingent would be happy to offer up some imaginary high fives of our own.