Tuesday, May 29

Sonic News Aplenty

With the draft camp close at hand, all sorts of rumors are floating about the Sonics' future. To wit:

-A league insider tells the Times' Percy Allen that the reason Lenny Wilkens is taking so long to hire a coach is because he wants to hire Lenny Wilkens to be the coach. I can't imagine this is true - Lenny wouldn't be that deceitful, would he - but it still makes me shudder.

- Kerry Eggers in the Portland Tribune says the Blazers' Kevin Pritchard intimates he likes high-risk, high-reward players more than low-risk, low-reward players. If that means he's taking Durant, I've got no problem with that. Pritchard also indicated that Durant is the more NBA-ready, at least offensively. "Kevin is going to come in and score points right away, probably 20 a game."

-Frank Hughes is optimistic that the Sonics will re-sign Rashard, simply because they can offer him a six-year deal and other teams cannot.

-Trenton Hassell tells Mark Madsen the same thing I've been thinking: He'd rather have the 2nd pick than the first. “Because you can’t go wrong with the 2nd pick….I’d hate to be the GM that had to choose between Greg Oden and Kevin Durant.”


Drastic said...

yeah i'd rather have the #2 because u have NO pressure on you at all. just take whoever portland doesn't. you cant go wrong

Zach said...

On the "Portland may take Durant" issue...any chance we can get Rafael to do a drawing of Oden as a Sonic (so that we have both possibilities represented?)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I was thinking the exact same thing!

Hey, how about a drawing of Oden and Durant, each wearing half-Sonic/half-Blazer uniforms? In 3-D? Maybe where they say things when you click on them? Is that alot of work?

Eric Reynolds said...

I agree with Hassett. No one can second guess you with the #2 pick. Sam Bowie, anyone?

Anonymous said...

How about this little nugget to start off your day?