Wednesday, May 30

No Iavaroni

The oft-mentioned possibility of Phoenix assistant Marc Iavaroni taking over the reigns in Seattle has been shot down by the news that Memphis has snapped him up to be their head coach.

This further cements the possibility of the Sam Presti/PJ Carlesimo combination becoming the duo Lenny Wilkens selects.

Unless, of course, he decides the Lenny Wilkens/Lenny Wilkens duo is even better.

[Side note: Jack McCallum at reports that the Grizzlies had considered the Suns' Dave Griffin for their GM job, but Phoenix wants Griffin to remain until after the draft. If that's true, then there's little or no chance of him working in Seattle, either, since Wilkens has made it clear publicly that he wants to have the GM (not necessarily the coach) in place pre-draft.]


Anonymous said...

I'm okay with the SA combo, but God, if Wilkins has that level of hubris I may become a Portland fan, which is what may happen anyway if the team leaves town.

I grew up in SWW, a Sonic fan closer to Portland than Seattle, so it wouldn't be that hard a switch.

Incidentally, has Durant going first and us getting Oden.

Anonymous said...

I saw that; they switched it last week, I think. It stinks that Rashard's situation won't be resolved until after the draft, that would sure make this whole thing easier to figure out. Maybe the way to go is to call Portland's bluff and let them draft Oden, then sit and wait for a couple of weeks while they decide what to do.

The trick is to not wait so long that they find a sucker, errrr partner for dealing Randolph's deal and wind up keeping Oden.

Anonymous said...

Funny how you never hear Larry Brown mentioned as a possibility for the Sonics. He was rumored for the Memphis job, but that fell through, which means the openings left are:

Indy, Seattle, Orlando, Milwaukee, and Sacramento.

If you look at those teams, the Kings and the Sonics are the best of the five, and the two teams most likely to be a force next season.

Ben Q. Rock said...

Ryan, there are only four jobs left. Milwaukee replaced Terry Stotts with Larry Krystkowiak towards the end of last season. They aren't looking for fire him.

Eric Reynolds said...

Presti... YAY. But why does the thought of Carlisimo depress me so?

RICK CARLISLE! I don't understand how this guy isn't at the top of anyone's list. He got a raw deal in Detroit, and injuries/riots in Indiana totally f*#ked him there, too. Plus, he was the best color guy Calabro ever had.

Anonymous said...

ugh PJ?! NO WAY.

rather Stotts, Casey...but think it will be someone unknown and very CHEAP