Thursday, May 24

Do You Gotta Have Ra?

Seattle Supersonic Rashard LewisThe Durant Delirium still hasn't subsided, but I'm wondering if a certain small forward is wondering how this affects his future in Seattle.

Rashard Lewis is not a lot of things. He's not a defensive stopper, he's not a low-post menance, he's not a tenacious rebounder, he's not an intimidating bruiser, and he's not famous for making last-second clutch plays.

He is, however, a young former all-star (who would likely have made the team this year were it not for injuries), a good 3-point shooter, a tremendous scorer, and someone who can score 20 points a night without breaking a sweat. Say what you will about Rashard, the man puts the ball in the hole, and that counts for something in this league.

But Kevin Durant has gone and turned that all upside down. And now, the Sonics - and Rashard - are facing a dilemna. Do the Sonics re-ink Lewis, who plays the very same position as Durant? Does Rashard walk away from the only team he's ever known, simply because he'll be #3 on the depth chart within 2 years?

Don't forget, Ray Allen isn't getting any younger. Allen, while a wonderful player, is coming off surgery as well, and I don't think he'll be able to maintain this 40-minute-a-night pace that Bob Hill put him through the past year or so.

So, what do you want, Sonic fans? Do we deal Rashard in a sign-and-trade? Do we keep him and pay him the big bucks he wants? Let's hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Re-sign Lewis and let Durant play power forward. There's no reason why the two can't play alongside one another. Durant plays more like a Nowitzki/Garnett type power forward anyway.

andy said...

clearly you keep both, maybe trade rashard later, but i think you need to let them both try playing together before you declare lewis redundant.

also, two years ago under mcmillan both allen and lewis were decent enough defenders to win a lot of games. defense is about effort and rotation -- these things can be taught and retaught. you don't need to have defensive talent like bowen or kirilenko to be a good defender. look at baron davis, look at rip hamilton; they have learned to play good defense when it counts. and if your teammates are better defenders, then deficiencies can be hided. plus i think durant could be a good defender and rebounder. if swift/petro can clog the paint, then lewis and allen just have to stay in front of their man long_enough.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Durant and Lewis playing together-they're both too small to play the 4-Durant's 215 pounds! Maybe keep Lewis for a year so there's not much pressure on Durant, but 10-15 minutes a night isn't going to be good for his development, and we'll lose just as many as if he started every game.

I say sign and trade Lewis for a good centre (well, decent, better than the kids), or a point guard. Throw in Watson/Ridnour and see what we get.

Anonymous said...

I think that the time has come for the sonics and rashard to go there seperate ways. I loved watching rashard play in seattle and it will be hard to watch him play somewhere else but this team is stale and needs a change. If it is possible to do a sign and trade with rashard than I think that is what the team should do. We need a more defensive presence and consistency at the point guard position.

I would also consider trading ray as well, look to get younger and rebuild the team with durant.

Mosang said...

If a great sign and trade comes up involving Rashard, I say go for it. Trade one of our many center projects and Rashard for a good center, or a real starting point guard. Otherwise, resign Rashard and play all three scorers together in an uptempo, high-scoring offense. Bring Durant off the bench at first like Ben Gordon.

Anonymous said...

i've heard rumors of packaging Rashard and Ridnour to the Magic for Milicic and Jamir Nelson. While i'm not sold on Milicic, Nelson would be a good fit. He distributes well and isn't afraid to shoot. I don't know if how concrete these rumors are though...

Anonymous said...

I say keep Rashard.
Sure he's not a buiser, but he's a hell of a scorer, like you said. I think GMs have a tendency to take their own players for granted, looking for the perfect player.
Two thoughts.
1) Is Oden out of the question? Can't we offer our pick,, two future #1s, and say, Robert Swift for Oden? A lineup of Ray-Ray, Rashard and Oden would be ridiculous. While I doubt Oden will be a first-year all-star, he would surely lessen the burden on Collison and Wilcox.
2) Is it inconceivable that we play smaller? My impression is that all three of the young centers have above average mobility. Couldn't we play a full-court game with Rashard at the 4? I recall he's played well there for limited spurts in the past. I'm guessing Durant at the 2 is out of the question...(or is it?)

Anonymous said...

any chance of packaging rashard, watson, and one of those two second rounders (#1 or #5) to minnesota or charlotte for their #1 pick to grab mike conley? that dude together with durant and ray would be super fresh

Unknown said...

There isn't a decent center to be had for rashard lewis. Everybody in the league is looking for one, so you'd be trading an all-star for a mediocre 7-footer. Same with a PG. (jameer nelson in 5'11 and gets owned defensively just like Ridnour)

Everybody loved Golden State's run, but nobody learned the lesson of it. They were able to win playing a skinny as a rail center (Biedrins) and woefully undersized 4 in Harrington because they could spread the floor and everybody could shoot. Durant, Lewis and Allen sound like that to me. Ridnour, suddenly has more room to operate in the middle, and he is a good distributer (especially with 3 lights out 3 point shooters on the floor). If you need to get points down low, Durant can go down on the block, and he will help whoevers is at the 5 cuz he is a good rebounder. If a big post player is just punishing you cuz of the small lineup, well at least you have lots of disposable fouls in the form of Petro and Swift. To make it work we probably need a few more versatile 6'7 athletes, but lord knows they are so much easier to find than a center or a PG.

This team may still not be very good, but the Sonics probably won't be good no matter what you do. Keep Rashard and at least its entertaining and can build some buzz around it. Thats whats most important right? get people to care for this team again so its doesn't leave?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Minnesota would love that deal, but that's waaaaaaaay too much to give up for Conley. Remember, Rashard is a proven all-star and someone who still has at least 4-5 years of top-level play left in his body.

Look at it this way: Would you trade Rashard, Earl, and 2 2nd rounders to Utah for Deron Williams? No way, and Williams/Conley is a great comparison.

I love Conley, too, and I wouldn't mind the Sonics getting him, but I think it would be great for the franchise to be veteran-minded at the point guard position, at least for a year or two.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see how they play together at least for 1 season. It could work out if the sonics implement a run and gun offense style.

Shawn marion isn't exactly the most physical player either and he did ok at the 4 a few years back for the suns and i've been hearing durants weight be anywhere from 215-225. If he's closer to the latter then he's a few pounds lighter than chris bosh, who is doing fine as a pf. i don't think it'd hurt to give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

It really comes down to whether or not Rashard wants to play here.

If he does, sign him.

If he doesn't, see if we can work a sign and trade. If not, let him walk and use the money we save on a FA or two. Fill needs.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer to trade Rashard, to "rebuild on the fly" with a ready to compete NOW team.

My though... also involves Minn-- but not the same thing at all.

First, your Conley idea? that is WAY too much to give up for an unproven PG PROSPECT.

My Minny trade? for Garnett if possible.

Lewis (still young, all-star level, consistent player)
Watson (a rotation PG)
Wilkins (if need be, a 2nd rotation player)
Sene/Petro (a young project talent)
Next year's (top 5 protected, of course) number 1.

for KG.
(and a 2nd this year if possible).

I know it sounds unreasonable, but KG is aging, the situation there is shakey long term-- they need to rebuild more than we do, and if you are Minn how much CAN you get for Garnett.

The longer you wait, the more your present deteriorates... Garnett needs to be moved, and a 28 yr old All-Star scorer, a future number 1, a decent rotation player (Watson) and a talented young big are a decent pull.

Otherwise, Garnett plays miserable, the team goes nowhere, and eventually Garnett goes elsewhere with no tread left on the tires and Minny has nothing gained for his time.

Minn is in a desperate situation and should move him for whatever they can get, before it is too late. We have some great pieces to offer.

That being said, I realize it is unlikely to happen. Not for the lack of logic, but because Minny will hold Garnett too long, and net nothing when he does move away...

But on other comments -- NO WAY I trade that much for Odem when 2nd is no "consolation" but is a winner himself. In some years, yes. But this year is different!

You watch-- this pick means we can trade Lewis from a position of moderate strength, and that is going to make for some VERY intriguing offseason offers. He may or may not want to stay-- but teams NEED to sign and trade, otherwise he wont get nearly the money he wants (and frankly, for the most part, actually deserves.)

KG is my wishlist. I also heard Kidd. What, exactly, truly IS possible?!?

Anonymous said...

Like the KG idea. Also agree that is way too much for Oden, especially when the Blazers may prefer Durant anyway. If they come to us with an offer for Durant, it proves they don't want Oden with Aldridge already on board and we should just say no, pick who you want to pick. Otherwise, even though I've been in favour of trading Lewis for a year now (he'll never be a #2 guy in my mind) I say sign him up, try the experiment for a season and if it fails, trade him then.

Anonymous said...

I say we keep him take durant and possibly trade him for an effective center.

Anonymous said...

i say that we keep lewis and go with this starting lineup.

although they may be smaller, all fit an uptempo type game and would be a scary offense to go up against as an opposing defense. suns vs. sonics. first one to 200 wins.

Anonymous said...

We should S&T RL along with Watson to a team with a 1st rnd pick in the 9-16 range, then draft Stuckey. He'll probably be gone by 20. He could replace Ray down the road, and play either G spot(!), and is another offensive machine. Having him on the floor with Durant would be wicked.

The trouble would be finding a team we could make the trade with. Of course we'd have to get a player or two back in the deal to make it work (salary-cap wise).

Philly, Atlanta, and Chicago all have picks in the range we'd want. Chicago (at #9) likes Collison, so there could be something there.

Anonymous said...

I say you sign and trade with Boston. Get there 5th pick, plus some young talent like Delonte West, Tony Allen, and Ryan Gomes. Seattle would then have some depth and two rookies to grow together. Boston would have RA, Pierce, and Jefferson, so they would be more than interested......and you send him all the way to the other coast where he cannot hurt you more than twice per season.