Wednesday, September 3


According to an OKC sports blog, the new logo for the ex-Sonics is ... this.

I suppose one could make a comment regarding the quality of the logo, but, honestly, anything I say regarding this is just going to come off as sour grapes, regardless of the merit of my opinion.

So with that in mind, permit me to make one positive comment about the logo (assuming, of course, that this is indeed the actual logo and not just something cooked up at a factory outside of Beijing): It is very easy to draw, and, if life has not changed too drastically since I was in grade school, there will be many Pee-Chees adorned with this logo in the great Oklahoma City area this fall. For all the 8-year-old boys, who, like me, spent the greater part of fifth grade drawing various professional sports logos on their schoolwork, today is a good day.

So it's got that going for it, anyway.


Anonymous said...

nope, it's not sour grapes. it's the fact that you actually have good taste, unlike the designers of that HORRIBLE logo. with the colors and look, it doesn't look thunderous. instead, it looks like the team name should instead be the 'OKC rainbows' or the 'OKC sunshine.' what crap.

-brad in OKC

Anonymous said...

Is it me, or does it look like a P.O.S cheap knock-off of a generic NY Knicks logo?

--CeeJay in Missoula

Anonymous said...

Definitely a knock-off logo, which is why I alluded to Beijing in the story. It's like something from a movie where the producers couldn't get the rights from the NBA and just made up a team and logo.

I know OKC just got the keys to the car, and the respectful thing to do is keep my mouth shut, but this logo blows. And to think the league booted out one of the best color schemes in the league - green and gold - for this, that's just a double whammy.

Anonymous said...

Damien Wilkens playing the good company guy..;_ylt=AtY0Doxwg5BVJvnCIIC_gbKLvLYF?slug=d23091c346c448abb7738c1bb4d16f94.oklahoma_city_basketball_okso105&prov=ap

Unknown said...

I've seen 3 different pictures of that press conference now, and in all 3 Damien is making that same face.

I liked the guy anyway, but now I REALLY hope he ends up getting traded to a contender.

Anonymous said...

Objectively, it's a horrendous nickname and logo. If Clay Bennett and his cronies wanted a simple, yet at least so-so moniker for Oklahoma City's franchise, then something like the OKC Cyclones would've sufficed. A cooler color scheme could've been in order, too.

Anonymous said...

"I liked the guy anyway, but now I REALLY hope he ends up getting traded to a contender." {bunnypuncher}

Honestly, Sam Presti should just completely gut the roster for next season. It'd help further the rebuilding process, while also allowing me the chance to observe the ballclub suffer from afar.

Thus, despite my apathy toward the team formerly known as the Seattle SuperSonics, Presti should attempt to consumate the following trade proposals.


SG Marquis Daniels
SG Stephen Graham
PF Josh McRoberts

PF Nick Collison
SF Damien Wilkins


PG Earl Watson

PG Bobby Jackson

Since Jackson, Daniels, Graham, and McRoberts all have expiring contracts -- so long as the team option in Daniels' contract for the 2009-2010 season is ultimately declined -- it'd truly signify a new era.

Of course, the following roster would be good for around just 10 to 20 wins next season. That'd definitely be some hilarious shit.

C: Chris Wilcox
PF: Joe Smith
SF: Jeff Green
SG: Kevin Durant
PG: Russell Westbrook
C: Johan Petro
PF: D.J. White
SF: Desmond Mason
SG: Marquis Daniels
PG: Bobby Jackson
C: Robert Swift
C: Mouhamed Sene
PF: Josh McRoberts
SF/PG: Kyle Weaver
SG: Stephen Graham

Why, on a similar note, has Swift yet to sign the one-year, $3,579,131 qualifying offer that's been offered to him? Fuck, "Big Red" should thank his lucky stars that he can even earn that kind of coin in this world.

Anyway, let's go 'hawks!

Anonymous said...

Hands down, the name sucks, the logo sucks too.

Even teams in the CBA and ABA have much better logos.

I'm quite sure Beijing factories won't put that thing are jerseys. Poor Durant.

---China100029, from Beijing

Anonymous said...

So very awful...

ohkeedoke said...

What is wrong with OKC? That generic logo? I swear I drew something like that 200 times in high school while bored in class. An emblem with intitials? and "Thunder" over it? Where is the thunder? Is it the red and blue lines going through it? How could the NBA look at this and not say, "Ummm....what the hell is this? We meant that we need your NBA team to have a logo. Not Your D-League team." Seriously?
I'm going to find the emblem I used to draw in high school and post it later.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't already know this was an NBA team, I would have put money down that it was a WNBA logo. I'm far from a fashion expert, but really???... those colors?

At least it gives me another reason not to root for them as a team, but I still wish success to the players who I have grown to love!

Anonymous said...

Not sour grapes. This logo sucks. I could have created something better with MS Paint. You would think after stealing the Sonics, Bennett would have put more effort into this part of the relocation.

-Anthony, SoCal