Friday, November 14

Great Pics

In looking for a photo for a story recently, I came across this great cache of Sonic-related pictures, hosted on flickr by 'bballchico.'

Not all the Sonic photos are at that link, you'll have to surf around a bit to find them all. In fact, there's almost too much to look at, but if you're going to look at one photo, perhaps it should be this one:

There's a lot to see in that picture - the hair (of course), the knee pads, Rambis' glasses, the Hornet jersey, the odd combination of attraction and fear on the face of the woman in the blue shirt ... just a lot to digest. But after you laugh a little at the pure 80s-ness of that picture, more than anything, you're struck by this melancholy fact:
Neither of those teams exist anymore.

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