Monday, November 24

Note to Self: Add More Pics of Cheerleaders

Looking at basketball blogs, through the viewfinder of Per the site’s own description: [GenderAnalyzes] uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman. Behind the scene, a text classifier hosted over at has been trained on blogs written by men and women.”

Site: Likelihood the site is written by a man
HardwoodParoxysm: 100%
Playboy: 99%
SonicsCentral:, 92%
Need4Sheed: 90%
Detroit Bad Boys: 86%
Sactown Royalty: 84%
Basketbawful: 82%
Ball Don’t Lie: 80%
CelticsBlog: 79%
3 Shades of Blue: 79%
BlogMaverick: 79%
TrueHoop: 77%
Empty the Bench: 76%
BlazersEdge: 76% 75%
Blog a Bull: 73%
Deadspin: 70%
Wizznutzz: 67%
SuperSonicSoul: 59%
Golden State of Mind: 45%

SuperSonicsoul: Still more manly than those man-loving hippy freaks in San Francisco, not quite as manly as those man-loving narcissists at Deadspin.


Taylor said...

Need4Sheed is written by a woman actually. That site may need a little tweaking!

Anonymous said...

Leave GSoM alone, you're just jealous cause we STILL have a team and you have no basketball team to root for. Or maybe you're cheering for the Thunder these days?

DFIB said...

Seriously Taylor, way to give us a bad name. Let me know when you dog dies so I can laugh at you while you bury it.

Anonymous said...

Seattle has a basketball blog? For what? Do they have a hockey blog too? Must be the bad weather or something?

Anonymous said...

Duude...talking smack about GSOM for no good reason and talking smack about San Francisco in general with homophobic are leaving yourself waaaay too open to comments such as:

A)Supersonicsoul - the only hoops blog about a team that no longer exists

B)SoulofThunder - cause that's what your "team" is now called

C) ClayBennetssoul - he has none, and neither do you you homophobe

D) Get a life before Seattle gets a team, jacka$$......

Anonymous said...

haha you guys still have a blog for a team that no longer exists in your city.

The Truth said...

hehe so this is what you losers do to fill your time since you have no team? Thunder not doing it for you?

give me GSoM any day.. no homo tho.

Anonymous said...

Way to prove this blog right you GSoM idiots. Come in here whining like bitches.

nuss said...

Um, guys, don't know if you noticed, but we rank right above you in the "femininess" of the blogs. The story was totally self-deprecating.

Man, who knew San Franciscans could be so sensitive?

Anonymous said...

Who knew Seattlites (sp?) could be so homophobic and narrow minded. Might as well be in Oklahoma City with that 'tude....

nuss said...

If I say that I'm going to see "Milk" next weekend, will that make up for it? Or should I just lean on the old "some of my best friends are gay!" crutch?

Seriously, people, no harm intended towards GSoM, Warrior fans, gays, lesbians, or anyone else. I was just being sarcastic, and the whole thing was a joke anyways.

Anonymous said...

Semi - apology accepted...

Warmest regards,

G0 fUcKiN d1e A$$h0Le said...

hEY fAGg0T.. tHE dUbZ rEp ThA bAy aLL dAy & u Kn0 iT.. y0u jUsS aLL fUcKd uP cUZz U g0T n0 TeAM 4 tHe WaRRi0Rs 2 bEAt 0n... uR oLd tEaM iZ tHe W0rSt iN tHA nBA, b1TcH

nEwaY tHe DuBZ a1nT fR0m sF tHey fR0m OaKLanD b1Tch..s0m1 g0n c0m d0wN thUr n bEaT 0n y0ur A$$

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