Monday, November 3

Now That's Different

Through three games last season, Kevin Durant attempted 19 3-pointers.

After three games this season, he has attempted three (and missed all of them).


Anonymous said...

Thought you might dig this:

Anonymous said...

That's some nifty work. I don't think anyone outside of Clay Bennett's immediate family truly believes Kevin Durant is going to stick around any longer than he has to, and if that's the case, what kind of building blocks do they have to build upon? Call me crazy, but a core of Jeff Green-Russell Westbrook-Nick Collison isn't exactly putting the fear of God into opposing NBA teams.

Dave said...

RIP Tuba man. I remember sitting in front of him at a game (I figured someone tossed him a ticket right before tip-off), he had that mono-tone voice and the dryest sense of humor I’d ever heard! While we all got pumped for a 4th quarter push, they played the “na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaaa CHARGE!” sound bite and he had this booming yet completely unenthusiastically mono-tone voice as he said CHARGE! lol, it was classic. Also when they did the “kiss the girl” bit at a timeout he never failed and on ever single one you could hear him calmly yell out “LIP SEEERVICE!” lol. I’m gonna miss that guy :( Its truly the end of an era, and I feel like I’m getting to be one of those old guys reminiscing about the way seattle USED to be and all the great things we don’t have in this city that stand out anymore. A really sad day for me. And as always: don’t forget to vote.

Anonymous said...

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