Thursday, November 6

Not Very Thunderful

Oklahoma City Attendance

Game 1, vs. Milwaukee: 19,136
Game 2, vs Minnesota: 18,163
Game 3, vs Boston: 19,136

You remember the Oklahoma City faithful, right? They were the ones who spent the past year deriding Sonic fans for not supporting their team enough, insulting us for not showing the respect inherently due to the great and glorious NBA, mocking us for having our heads so deep in our granola bowls and espresso cups we couldn’t appreciate the wonderfulness of David Stern’s universe.

Yeah, those people.

Well, less than one week into their lifetimes as NBA hosts, they couldn’t bother to sell out a Sunday night game.

I’ll say that again: Game 2 of the NBA Experience-Dust Bowl Version was not a sellout.

Hey, I get it, it was the Wolves. And, who knows, maybe the AP made a mistake and entered the numbers incorrectly for the attendance.

Um, yeah, that's likely.

But, for crying out loud, if you’re going to mock us every step of the way for being “fair-weather” fans, if you’re going to spend every last ounce of your energy insulting Seattle for lacking the balls to be a great NBA city, don’t you think you ought to step up when you get your chance?


chunkstyle23 said...

I'm surprised that there were 18,000 Godless heathens in the whole red state of Oklahoma who would dare go to a basketball game on the LORD'S day. For shame!

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The Sonics regularly had 50% or less attendance. No comparison. I imagine the OKC Thunder will have better attendance than Seattle ever did.

...and godless heathens... please. They didn't steal our franchise, the people of Seattle, its government, and King Starbucks and his group gave it away. What a shame.

Let's put that behind us and focus energy on what it takes to put a new franchise in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

When I first read this my thoughts were, "when was the last time the Soncics had three games in a row with that attendance. I'm actually kind of impressed. But we'll see how they hold up for a full season.

A True Sonics Fan

Anonymous said...

"regularly had 50% or less attendance."

Sonic attendance, by percentage:

2007-08: 78
2006-07: 94
2005-06: 95
2004-05: 97
2003-04: 92
2002-03: 91

If you're going to make accusations, try to at least some semblance of facts on your side.

chunkstyle23 said...

See, I was saying that going to a basketball game on the Sabbath is tantamount to heresy, and that finding 18,000 people who would choose basketball over the Lord should be a tough assignment in a faith based community like OKC but...

I should leave the use of satirical voice to the experts like Larry the Cable Guy. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

The brief notice of non sellout got raised up to national level,120251

It is not this itself that matters but it is a placeholder to watch what happens from here.

Anonymous said...

another bombing in their town would drive those numbers below 50%..and since a republican didn't win the election, there gotta be a nut job conservative somewhere in Okie-ville who will do the honors..lets hope the team is not in town when it happens since they deserve better..

PN said...


That's uncalled for. It's all in fun when we're ridiculing each other about basketball, but to make fun of children being killed by a terrorist is disgusting. Let's keep the tone focused on non-important things like the NBA.

Todd311 said...

I'm Glad to see you Seattle people have some class.

You lost your team because YOU didn't vote for a new arena!

One of your OWN (coward schultz) sold the team to someone NOT IN SEATTLE!

Are you that F-n Stupid? OF COURSE Clay Bennet wanted to bring the team to OKC. But you could have stopped him.

Anonymous said...

OKC will support the team and make them financially viable. I still hate the Sonics/Thunder, and hope my Mavericks pull it together to make a run at the Western Conference. While I think it's a good thing my city has a team now, I also think it's a shame Seattle does not. Also, I have never heard anyone bad mouth Seattle at all in the last couple of years.

Andy said...

In response the "Chunkstyle" (Cool screen name, by the way).

Average Sonics attendance in 1980 was 21,725 playing in the Kingdome. Even if OKC sold out every game it couldn't match that.

Anonymous said...

OKC is not as religious as you have been led to believe. Roughly 36% of the population even attends church, and not regularly. Yes, there are a lot of churches, but OKC as a religious "red" city is a staunch exaggeration.

36% leaves roughly 830,000 in OKC who don't attend church.

On the contrary, much of rural Oklahoma attends church regularly.

So let's park this sabbath day crap. It is really getting old.

Anonymous said...

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