Friday, November 7


As Brian Robinson points out at SonicsCentral, a public memorial for The Tuba Man will be held this Wednesday, Nov. 12th at Qwest Field in Seattle. The event is scheduled for 6:30 pm.

I'll assume that those reading this site are well aware of the tragic and disturbing circumstances surrounding Ed McMichael's death, but, if not, please read Robert Jamieson's fine piece at the PI for more in-depth information. It's a terribly sad story, and coming on the heels of everything else that's happened in Seattle over the past year, sadder still.

Anyone who has attended a game in Seattle in the past decade has memories of the Tuba Man. The baritone voice announcing the song just played, the odd times he would mix in an unexpected song ... it was, obviously, an underappreciated part of being a Seattle sports fan, and now he, like the Sonics, is gone.

If you're in the Seattle area, try to make time on Wednesday evening to attend the memorial. There is nothing we can do to bring the Tuba Man back to his family, but a large crowd would go a long way towards helping heal their pain.

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