Friday, November 21

The Great Wall of Payton?

Details are sketchy, but rumors are beginning to surface about Gary Payton making a return to professional basketball, but this time on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, at least as reported by

I'm not sure what was more surprising in reading that article, that Payton would like to subject himself to playing overseas, or that Bob Weiss is a head coach in China. I wonder if Bob Hill is planning to snake Weiss' job over there as well?

In other news, Steve Scheffler has expressed interest in returning to professional basketball in the Turkmenistan professional league.

That interest, unfortunately, has not been reciprocated.


Anonymous said...

GP's Mouth + Chinese Media = Censorship Gold!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to watch the ESPN Broadcast of OKC Thunder vs. The New Orleans Hornets. K. Callabro talking about Seattle. It kind of hurts a little bit.

fightnhippo said...

Yeah.... calling the OKC game must have been agonizing. Especially for someone as faithful to the sonics as calabro :(

Anonymous said...

It was agonizing. But I forced myself through it. I tried to be a Blazers fan for a minute, but just couldn't do it, and I now, sadly, care more about my Advanced Dungeons & Fantasy Basketball team than any franchise in the L. It's a sad state of affairs.