Tuesday, March 10

Donaldson Eyes Mayor's Seat

As per today's Seattle Times, former Sonic James Donaldson is exploring the possibility of running against incumbent Greg Nickels in this year's mayoral election in Seattle. Donaldson, who earlier announced his intention to run for city council, said he would make a decision within the next two to three weeks on his decision to run for mayor.

At 7'2", Donaldson would obviously become the tallest mayor in the country (world? checking various sub-Saharan African cities) should he pull off the upset over Nickels, but I couldn't help but ponder a bizarre bit of trivia upon hearing of his plans.

With former Phoenix Suns guard Kevin Johnson in Sacramento's mayoral chair, and the possibility of Donaldson in Seattle's, and with Sacto facing the possibility of losing their team in the near future (I'm not saying it will happen, but bear with me here), it's entirely possible that the only two cities in the United States with former NBA players as mayors would be the two most recent cities in the United States to lose their NBA teams.

And, maybe, if I'm living in Detroit, I think twice about voting for Dave Bing.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm... he's a sonic so i'd be really happy to have him on board! but he is also appears to be a coug so if that's the case i question his competence. what a dilemma

Anonymous said...

Since a blind dog with a note in his mouth could unseat Mayor Sell-Out to have someone like James running against him should be a blow out.

Go for it James!

Anonymous said...

It's a great day for Seattle. The Bully Mayor may be on his way OUT.

Anonymous said...

Be very wary of this man.