Wednesday, September 29

Wheedle Vs. Squatch: DEATHMATCH!

Since the dawn of time (or at least the dawn of the Sonics), two forces, one good and one evil, have battled for the heart and soul of Seattle Supersonic fans.

Now, their day of reckoning has come.

It is up to you, the loyal fans, to decide who lives and who DIES:


Two mascots enter. One mascot leaves. You decide.

Who will be the one, true, mascot of the Seattle Supersonics?

Update: The polls have finally closed. Squatch won, 40-33. The Wheedle is dead. Are you happy NOW, you heartless bastards?! THE WHEEDLE IS DEAD!!!

Wednesday, September 22

It's Official: Sonics Sign Ibrahim Kutluay

Breaking news:
SEATTLE (AP) -- The Seattle Supersonics signed 30-year-old Turkish guard Ibrahim Kutluay on Wednesday.

The 6-foot-6 Kutluay is expected to help fill the void left by free agent Brent Barry, who signed with San Antonio.

Kutluay, the captain of Turkey's national team, scored 19 and 26 points in exhibition games against the United States leading up to the Athens Olympics.

Read the rest here.
So, will Ibrahim Kutluay be the second coming of Detlef Schrempf or just another Vladimir Stephania?

Tuesday, September 21

Fan Mail!

The only known photograph of our lone fan.

Look what "garbageman84118" had to say about us on the Yahoo! boards:
Re: New Supersonic Site
by: garbageman84118 (40/M/COUNTAY LANDFILL) 09/18/04 04:15 am
Msg: 224 of 224



WHO IZ YOE DADDAY??????????????????????????

DA G MAN IZ BABAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well said, Mr. 84118. I couldn't have made a stronger case for this site myself.

Monday, September 20

'93 Sonics: A Pain That Lingers

'93 Western Conference Finals: It still hurts.

It's been just over 11 years, and I'm still not done being mad about the '93 Sonics getting jobbed in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals vs. Phoenix. But somehow, it does help to have a fairly well-known guy with a column on and in ESPN the Magazine come out and say in a by-the-way, "the sky is blue" kind of statement of fact that yes, the Sonics were robbed.
If you're breaking out a batch of sour grapes, you'd better have a really good reason. Like that South Korean gymnast who was robbed of Paul Hamm's gold medal, or the 1993 Sonics, 1994 Bulls or 1985 Cards, all of whom who were screwed by comically poor officiating.
With my scorn and bile suddenly rekindled, I needed to make sure my memory was correct. Could it really have been SIXTY-FOUR free throw attempts in one game? Have I embellished that figure in my mind to magnify the injustice over the years, to keep it from being filed away as a cold case?

Nope. Even the Phoenix Suns themselves acknowledge that they couldn't have done it without the refs:
The whistles helped their cause, too. Phoenix tied an NBA playoff record with 57 free throws in 64 attempts – 15-of-15 in the fourth quarter.

Sigh. At any rate, I wish that the Young, Stupid, Superstitious Me of back then would have just taped every game that year (you know, to foil the VHS Jinx where if you tape a game that you can't watch, it's pretty much a guarantee that your team will lose and you'll never watch that tape anyway; so you tape every game, thinking, "no way do they lose EVERY game, right?"), so that the Old, Partially Senile Me of today could enjoy the Young, Athletic, Still Had a Future Sonics of '93.

Thursday, September 16

I Love Ibby!


Thanks to Pete's brief write-up on Turkish sharp-shooter Ibrahim Kutluay, we probably received 50 hits today (which is a lot for us!) from people Googling "Ibrahim Kutluay, Sonics".

The peoples just can't get enough of "Ibby", and since I'm all about making the peoples happy, Supersonicsoul will now be your One-Stop Ibby Info Center©!


Name: Ibrahim Kutluay
Position: Forward
Current Team: Ulker (!), Euroleague
Number: 10
Height: 6'6
Weight: 93kg (?!?)

  • Ibrahim Kutluay Stats

  • Ibrahim Kutluay Interview!

  • Ibrahim Kutluay HOMEPAGE!!
  • There. Are you happy? Good. Now, how about making me happy and buying some crap from our new Supersonicsoul Store?

    Wednesday, September 15

    Mr. Feelgood

    He Got Dolls.

    Fellow Ballard resident Susan Paynter has a story in today's P.I. about "The Greatest Sonic In The History Of Humanity" Ray Allen:
    "I loved math. It was the only subject where you could really get an answer," Allen said. "Kids always ask, 'When will I ever need this stuff in life?' What most don't understand is that, with math, you get a solution you can apply to anything else in life. It's problem solving." Well, Seattle schools know they have a problem. The achievement gap between minorities and whites and between economically advantaged and economically stressed schools widens even further when it comes to math.

    So Thursday the NBA All-Star will unveil his Assist With Algebra, a new middle school program for the students and parents of Madrona K-8 School and Meany Middle School. It's a push to raise algebra test scores for students, particularly those in the African American community. The tipoff event will be at Miller Community Center from 6 to 9 p.m.

    Read the rest here.
    Does that sound like a guy getting ready to pack his bags?

    Friday, September 10

    Backing Down The Onramp Of Life?

    "Hello, Dad? I'm in JAIL!"

    Gary Payton was arrested for a suspected DUI last week after police spotted the former Supersonic backing down a freeway onramp. (Is that some kind of career metaphor or what?)

    During what is surely the worst summer of his life, The Glove© was embarrassed in the Finals by Chauncey Billups (Chauncey Billups!) in June, traded to the Celtics for Chucky Atkins (Chucky ATKINS!!) in August, and now gets pulled over for a Dale Ellis-like drunk driving stunt.

    I think somebody needs a hug.

    Wednesday, September 8

    Haterade: Is It in You?

    I was looking at our blazin' traffic stats and I stumbled upon
    the "referrers" report. Out of curiosity, I clicked on one of them
    ... and followed the thread.

    At first, I was appalled that anyone would dare diss the un-touchable
    Mr. Cleveland. That feeling soon gave way to jealousy. For what is
    more legitimizing for a pundit than having some genuine haters?
    I can only hope that one day, I'll have complete strangers standing
    courageously behind the shroud of Internet anonymity, calling ME a
    dumbass. A guy can dream, can't he?