Friday, October 29

Sonics on TV tonight. Woo.

TV Sports Basketball
Say hello to our new (fake) dance team!

The Seattle Supersonics close out their pre-season tonight against the Portland Trailblazers at Key Arena. Because most of the roster is injured, The Sonics will be starting only three players: Damien Wilkens, Mateen Cleaves, and Squatch.

The "game" will be shown on FSN tonight, and I will be watching because I am too stupid not to.

New kids on the block.

There's a new Supersonics fan site in town : Sonics Nation. So go check them out already, will ya?!

Tuesday, October 26

Could it get any worse? (Don't answer!)

Ray Allen
Couldn't we just bubble-wrap him?

Add another name to the Sonics' mile-long injured list.

Ray Allen sat out last night's 117-91 exhibition loss to the Lakers. At first, it was believed he might be sitting to avoid any more Kobe-Gate incidents, but it turns out he might actually be hurt:
A few around the Lakers wondered if Allen's injury was legitimate, but unfortunately for the Sonics, it likely will keep Allen out of tonight's game in Phoenix, and he may not play again until the regular-season opener Nov. 3.

Allen didn't practice Sunday because of a sore lower back, an injury that has caused him to miss as many as two workouts since the start of training camp.

read the rest at Yahoo!

Monday, October 25

Sonics' forwards stuck in reverse.

Vladimir Radmanovic: Well, he's got nice hair!
No wonder he can't shoot: He's only got 3 fingers!

Going into the preseason, everyone knew the Sonics had a mammoth, Benoit Benjamin-sized hole in their frontcourt. Now, with Rashard Lewis injured, Vladimir Radmanovic missing shots, and newly acquired Danny Fortson on the "too flabby to play" list, that hole has turned into a... well, something bigger than a hole:
SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Nick Collison and Vladimir Radmanovic were picked at the same number in the draft, chosen No. 12 overall by Seattle, albeit two years apart.

They were both born in 1980, and at times share the number on the floor, playing the "four" which is basketball-coach code for the power-forward position.

Collison and Radmanovic shared one more number this weekend in San Antonio: zero. As in oh-fer since neither made a field goal in Seattle's loss to the Spurs, a less-than-encouraging sign for two players figured to be prominent parts of Seattle's frontcourt rotation. Just where they'll fit into that rotation is a question looming beyond tonight's preseason game against the Lakers at the San Diego Arena.

Read the rest in today's Seattle P.I.

Wednesday, October 20

Sonics Put Bad Foot Forward?

Sonics' forward Rashard Lewis has a bum wheel, and he could miss half the season. Ouch.

Rashard Lewis has missed three practices and two preseason games in the week since he was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in his left foot.

He was out again yesterday and still doesn't know when he might be able to play again. In fact, no one does, which is precisely what makes it such a difficult situation, said Sonics coach Nate McMillan.

"That's exactly what is hard about it," McMillan said. "What I've experienced with that injury is you don't know how long it will take to get better."

Lewis went through a shooting workout on Monday and said his foot was sore and tender afterward. He was told yesterday by Mike Shimensky, the team's trainer, that he probably won't be ready to play on Saturday against San Antonio, and McMillan said it wouldn't be a problem if Lewis missed the remaining four preseason games.

Plantar fasciitis kept Wally Szczerbiak out the first 3 1/2 months last season as he missed 44 games. The injury bothered Mateen Cleaves for half a season in Sacramento, getting so severe he couldn't walk without limping.

Read the rest in the Seattle P.I.

Monday, October 18

They are the champions, my friend.

WNBA Champs Seattle Storm
"I'm not sure what it is, but we won it!"

A much belated congrats is due to the Seattle Storm, who did something last week no Seattle team has done since 1979: win a championship.

Meanwhile, our beloved Sonics (You know, the other Seattle basketball team?) lost their third straight pre-season game, 100-84, to the Utah Jazz last night.

Hmmm. I wonder what the NBA/WNBA policy is regarding inter-gender trades? Maybe Jerome James for Betty Lennox?

Tuesday, October 12

Sonics Open Preseason Tonight

Frodo Lives!
Frodo is ready to RAWK!

The Sonics open their preseason tonight against the Shaq-less Lakers. The game will be heard tape-delayed on KJR-AM after the Storm game (insert snide remark here).

This will be the first chance to see (or hear, I guess) newly signed Danny Fortson and Ibrahim Kutluay, and rookies Robert Swift and David Young in action.

After last year's preseason ankle injury, let's hope Ray Allen doesn't see ANY action tonight. In fact, I'd feel a lot better if they kept him in bubble-wrap until the real season starts.

Sunday, October 10

You Go, Girl(s)!

Betty Lennox of the Seattle Storm.
Betty Lennox carried the Storm (and the ball) on Sunday.

Say what you will about the quality of the WNBA, but the Storm did two things on Sunday that our beloved Sonics haven't done in ages: sell out the Key, and win a meaningful game:
SEATTLE, Oct. 10 (Ticker) -- Betty Lennox won her shootout with Nykesha Sales and extended the WNBA Finals to a decisive game.

Lennox scored 27 points as the Seattle Storm survived a record-setting performance by Sales and held on for a 67-65 victory over the Connecticut Sun that evened the WNBA Finals at one game each.

Read the rest here.
I know my two colleagues have been dissing The Storm, but if they win their next game, Seattle will have it's first sports championship since 1979. And that, surely, is worth raising The Goblet of Rock.

Friday, October 8

Seattle Reaches Finals! Woo!

That's the Seattle Storm. In the WNBA Finals.
If you need to find me, I'll be camping out along the victory parade route, which will travel the full length of the Northgate Mall parking lot.

I'm still trying to figure out where this falls on the whole, "ending in a tie is like kissing your sister" scale of sports satisfaction. No offense to anyone's sister, but, "ewww."
Side note: There is no way that someone would say isht like that in this day/age without sounding like a complete perv. Like, when Angelina Jolie talked about being "so in love with [her] brother right now." Creepy...

Tuesday, October 5

We're Number #15!

Steve Kerr: Dumbass
"Check out all the rings Jordan and Duncan got me!"

According to Steve Kerr's column at Yahoo! Sports, the Supersonics (or, SuperSonics as he calls them) are going to finish last in the West. Worse than the Clippers. Worse than the Warriors. Worse than every one of the fourteen other teams in the Western Division.

The article confirms one thing for sure: Steve Kerr is a dumb-ass.

Kerr isn't alone in his dumb-assedness, though. ESPN has the Supes ranked next-to-last in the NBA. Yes, that means worse than the WIZARDS!

Obviously, these "experts" haven't heard of a fellow named Ibrahim Kutluay. Ibby is going to carry this team to at least tenth place in the west, so watch out Bobcats!