Tuesday, June 15

Gary Gets a Webby!

Okay, our friends at Sonicsgate technically got the Webby for their excellent film "Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team", but they wisely let The Glove do the talking. And what was his five-word acceptance speech? Watch the video and find out!

Monday, June 7

Ray of Hope

I know I vowed never to watch another stinkin' NBA game after those bastards stole the Sonics, but last night's Lakers /Celtics game was a miracle.

My eight-year-old son has recently become a Celtics fan (one of the many tragic consequences of the Sonics leaving town) and being the noble, self-sacrificing father that I am, I agreed to watch the Finals with him.

I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.

For one night, at least, we got to see our beloved Ray-Ray (in a green jersey, no less!) lighting up Kobe for an NBA record eight three-pointers (seven in the first half alone). Sure, it wasn't as good as when the Sonics almost beat the Lakers that one time, but for a few glorious hours it almost seemed like old times.

There are a lot of terrible things going on in the world right now, but last night's drubbing of the Lakers renewed my faith in humanity. And, more importantly, in schadenfreude.

Friday, June 4

Thanks, Kid

Adios, Senor (Senior) Junior

Let us take a brief respite from our wall-to-wall coverage of the 1979 NBA Finals and bid a fond farewell to another Seattle sports legend, George Kenneth Griffey Jr.

Now, I'm the last person amongst the Supersonicsoul crew who should write anything (well, ever!), least of all about the impact Junior's had on our city and our generation of sports fans. Instead, I'll recycle this image I painted when he came back in '09 and just say: Thanks, Junior.

Tuesday, June 1

1979 Sonics Finals viewing/crying party

A group of Sonics fans are getting together for an all-day viewing party of the 1979 Finals today at Floyd's Place on Queen Anne. Check out the video for a preview.