Wednesday, August 31

The next Calvin Booth?

Is Mikki Moore looking to join former teammate Rick Brunson in Seattle?
"Yo, Brunson Burner! I'm coming to join ya!"

Is Mikki Moore looking to join former Clipper teammate Rick Brunson in Seattle?

According to Inside Hoops, "Mikki the Stikki" will "probably" sign with the Supes this week. Billed as the "best player in NBDL history" (heh-heh), Moore could help the fill the Sonics' desperate need for another 7-footer who can't score.

(Thanks to Rich King for the tip!)

UPDATE: It's official - the Sonics have signed Mikki Moore.


Anonymous said...

We just signed him

...wait a sec. There's no page there. My RSS reader for Sonics NBA news sent me the headline "Sonics Sign Mikki Moore"... But the page goes to a 404...

Anonymous said...

here's the official link

I'm okay with this (well, haven't seen the $ yet). I wish he would block more shots though.

Anonymous said...

B Con made a good point on another thread regarding Moore: namely, that signing MM has to mean fewer minutes for Radman. He's right, with MM in tow, that has to mean that Collison is going to be playing PF more often, which means fewer avail. minutes for Radman.

Can a sign-and-trade be in the offing?

Anonymous said...

Well, Rick Sund made an intelligent move and signed Mikki Moore. Yet, if Moore's contract is more than one season in length and worth any amount within the seven-figure range, then it's too much.

Consequently, though, Moore's signing does make it seem as if Vladimir Radmanovic is expendable.

However, Radmanovic notwithstanding, if Sund were to show some ingenuity, then he'd offer up Rashard Lewis, Danny Fortson, and Robert Swift -- since there is currently a logjam in the team's frontcourt -- to the Boston Celtics in attempt to acquire Paul Pierce.

Anonymous said...

Couple of statistical things about Mikki Moore when compared to Jerome James (last year's stats)

1. Better FT shooter
2. Better at drawing fouls
3. Nowhere near the shot blocker
4. Better rebounder (due to OR, defensively they're about the same)
5. Better ball-handler
6. Fewer doughnuts

It's funny, we think of Moore as a 5, but he played the majority of his minutes as a 4 last year in LA, and the Clips actually played pretty lousy when he was at the 5. Wondering how that figures into the Sonics' decision...

Paul said...

Here's something I didn't know about Mikki Moore: he played for the Sonics during the
2003 preseason!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I don't know what AK1984 is thinking. I've listened to his stuff before and he is more concerned about the who's making what then if we have any talent on the team

Anonymous said...

In Regards To The Last Post:

Ah, man, you're not very subtle . . .

At any rate, Chris, I know that you're smart 'nough to realize how Rick Sund's penchant for overpaying players (e.g., Calvin Booth, Jerome James, Vitaly Potapenko, Damien Wilkins, et al.) prevents the team from spending money on talented guys.

Good Times,
Anthony King
Regarding Paul Pierce:

As it is, Boston Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has reportedly denied any interest in trading small forward Paul Pierce.*

Yet, that notwithstanding, Pierce (6'6", 230lbs.), 27, is well-known for being arrogant and selfish, which is why Ainge has reportedly soured on him.**

Anyways, as it concerns the Seattle Supersonics, they are in dire need of another superstar -- 'cause without one, y'all ought to 'xpect a decline in victories this upcoming season -- to play alongside shooting guard Ray Allen.

In any event, no matter his personality, Pierce (21.6 ppg/6.6 rpg/4.2 apg/1.62 spg/+22.10 efficiency rating/+2.2 defensive +/- rating) is flat-out amazin' on the hardwood.

On the other hand, Supersonics small forward Rashard Lewis (6'10", 215lbs.), 26, is an overrated bum; Lewis' (20.5 ppg/5.5 rpg/1.3 apg/1.06 spg/1.73 tpg/17.9 efficiency rating/-1.1 defensive +/- rating) statistics exemplify his overall inadequateness on the court.

Thus, with all of that noted, it seem as if Supersonics General Manager Rick Sund should try to acquire Pierce from the Celtics. In any case, if Seattle were to deal Lewis ($8,571,429), power forward Danny Fortson ($6,415,584), and center Robert Swift ($1,764,480) -- who Ainge reportedly loved prior to the 2004 NBA Draft*** -- to Boston for Pierce ($13,843,157), then it would be a fair trade for both teams.

In the end, thou', the abovementioned ideas are comprised of nothin' more than one dude's crazy thoughts.




JohnS said...

Pierce has an 8.2 +/- for the Celtics, Rashard has an 11.2 +/- for the Sonics.

Rashard is 2 years younger.

Pierce will cause chemistry problems, Rashard fits in well with the team. Ray is the man on this team, Rashard plays Pippen perfectly. Pierce will fight with Allen for touches and the leadership role.

This is obviously not a good trade for the Sonics.

That being said, the one thing Pierce does as well as anyone in the game is draw fouls. We could use more of that...

Anonymous said...

Danny F,

To be fair, Shaq-Kobe worked out to 3 championships. I think we'd all take that.

However, Allen-Pierce wouldn't work out to Diddly-squat in my opinion. I don't see how they mesh on the court at all. That and Pierce is like a more talented version of Flip Murray, pound the ball till the shot clock is almost done, then put your head down and go. You might draw fouls that way, but I don't think you draw victories. It also makes for quite possibly the ugliest basketball we've seen in the league since the mid-90s Knicks.

In my opinion you don't trade Lewis unless you get back someone who is at least as proficient on the blocks. And you aren't likely to find someone that is close to that skill level on the post that can do the other things Lewis can do. Unless we are getting someone like Elton Brand I don't like trading Lewis right now. Give this Allen-Lewis team a few more shots before we break it up.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, but Pierce isn't as old as we'd think. In fact, he's the same age as Manu Ginobili, a guy we think is 23, but in reality is 27.

Still, giving up Rashard for PP isn't a deal I'd like to make anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else depressed as hell to find out that the Spurs, fresh off a championship, have added Nick Van Exel and Michael Finley to COME OFF THE FLIPPIN' BENCH?

Let's see, Spurs pick up Finley and Van Exel, Sonics pick up ...

Rick Brunson and Mikki Moore.

Um, I'm not feeling too well.

Anonymous said...


The comments thing is useful so you know when people post on threads that aren't the main topic of conversation, so if someone has something to say about an older post, there is a chance in hell someone might read it. Usually they note the thread title though, so you know if you don't want to read someones thoughts on Vitaly's new contract.


Paul said...

Hey Booth,

The reason I got rid of HaloScan was because it was too buggy. Often times, the number of comments wouldn't update, and any posts older than a month would show zero even if there were more than 100 (like the infamous Steve Nash post). Also, because it was hosted on HaloScan's server, whenever their site was down (which is a lot) the comments on our site would vanish. With the high traffic we're getting now, I needed something more stable.

I like a lot of things about HaloScan, though, and the guy who wrote it is a very cool open-source dude, so once it's more stable, I might go back to it.

Anonymous said...

B Con, I hate the Spurs as much as anyone and Brent Barry, well, anyone's who read anything from this site a while back knows I believe there's a special place in Hell reserved for him.

Still, I felt SA's biggest weakness last year was depth. But with NVE and Finley on board, that's erased. Plus, Nazr is a year older, and he'll get more minutes than Rasho this year. Plus, Barry's probably played his last game in SA, if media reports are at all true.

Add it all up, and SA has immensely improved their team - perhaps for the long-term but at least for the next year.

Anonymous said...

we need Juan Carlos Navrro from Spain for our team