Sunday, October 30


(Courtesy of Danny F)


Anonymous said...

el oh el, sonics fans are commited.

Anonymous said...

A not-so-Happy Halloween for Noel Felix and Alex Scales. Both were released by the Sonics on Saturday, bringing the roster to 15 players. You can read about it here:

Anonymous said...

In another bit of news, Antonio Daniels has earned a spot in Washington's starting lineup.

Anonymous said...

Damn! I was hoping Scales would make the squad. If Scales offed Cleaves, I think it would be justifiable homicide. Just kidding, of course, sort of.

Anonymous said...

An odd bit of news; but has labeled Rashard Lewis as the 2nd-most underrated player in the NBA (behind only AK-47).

Elsewhere, Charley Rosen just spit out his Meuselix.

Anonymous said...

nuss, not surprising, he's better than a lot of similar players who get more credit, like Jason Richardson, Corey Maggette, and Richard Jefferson. Not that he's the most fantastic player or anything, but people seem to not give him credit for anything. He truely turned into a rare complete package offensive player last year.

Zach said...

Did anyone catch the Times NBA Preview? In their NW Divison capsule preview, this was their predicted division order:


I was shocked.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone put minnesota number one in the northwest? denver for sure, but minnesota?


Anonymous said...

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