Monday, October 24


Hey kids, Halloween is inching closer, and if you haven’t grabbed your costume yet and you’re hoping to infuse your evening with green and gold, look no further!

Herewith our recommendations for the Top 5 Sonic Halloween Outfits:

1. The Danny Fortson
If you’re in the need of the costume that delivers the goods, go with Da Fort! With the way Da Fort grabs rebounds, you can only imagine how fast he can grab a Tootsie Roll! Comes with hair extensions, stomach pouch, and “rump filler.”

2. The Shawn Kemp
Nothing says b-a-d like a loaded pistol and a bag of mysterious substances. You can trick AND treat with this great costume! Plus, ask some neighbourhood kids to come with you and you’ve got your own “Kemp family posse!” Optional “rump filler” included with “Orlando Shawn” outfit.

3. The Michael Cage
There are good Halloween looks and then there are great Halloween looks. Your costume will come with a 26-oz. container of “Soul Glow” hair gel, shoulder enhancers, and lime green leisure suit. If that kid in front of you at Mrs. Johnson’s house thinks he’s getting those Kit-Kats, he better come correct, or not at all.

4. The George Karl
Finding that you’ve been struggling through the first half of your candy collecting evening? Then fire your underperforming costume and get The George Karl! Comes with imitation moustache scar, mock turtleneck, and 4-page booklet “Getting Candy the Karl Way.” Bob Kloppenburg puppet optional. Please note that costume will begin to fall apart in 2nd and 3rd year of use.

5. The Frank Brickowski
Sometimes, you’ve got to want the candy more than the other kids. With the “Brick” costume, you’ll be ready to roll to the corner of the door frame. Comes with “Pushing for Pop Rocks” booklet and faux flat top hair cut.


Anonymous said...

you don't recommend vladimir radmonivic's playoff hairstyle for halloween??


Zach said...

Nuss, that's truly some brilliant work

Anonymous said...

Alright ya'll....Here is your chance to truly gauge how hardup you are for the season to start...

Preseason - Sonics and Rockets - 700 megs...

How bad do you want to see Swifty?


Paul said...

"imitation moustache scar"

I want one!

Seriously, nice work Mr. N

Paul said...

Thanks Carl - only 27 hours to go!

(If any of you manage to download this game, please leave your bit torrent client open to help speed the downloads for the rest of us)

Anonymous said...

anyone catch this on

getting picked anywhere between 2nd to 4th in the division.

Anonymous said...

I saw that, too. I especially enjoyed Chris Broussard's take:

"With Nate and his focus on defense gone, Sonics won't guard/stop anyone."

Followed by this from John Hollinger 4 boxes down:

"Could be in a for a fall unless Bob Weiss markedly improves the defense."

Um, Chris, when your argument is counterargued by a guy (Hollinger) who knows NBA stats like the Pope knows Latin, you really don't have much of an argument. Seriously, does anyone with half a brain think the Sonics won last year because of their defense?

Zach said...

You know what's funny? Guess where the Sonics were picked to finish last year?

All year long, no one in the mainstream, national media could explain their success. It shouldn't be surprising that this team continues to defy their understanding, nor should it suprise that with that as a given, most media members will hedge, picking them to be a fringe playoff team. I still think they're the clear frontrunner in the Northwest.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the Sonics are far from "clear frontrunners" in the Northwest Division. Mainstream, national media or no, oddsmakers give the Sonics between 25:1 and 28:1 odds at winning the Western Conference. That's well behind the Nuggets (between 6:1 and 8:1) and slightly behind the TimberWolves (16:1 - 25:1).