Thursday, October 20

Dress Up

I was thinking about writing 20 paragraphs about David Stern's misguided attempt at fashion policing, but then I read this quote from Jason Richardson of the Warriors, which summed up my entire range of emotions.

"You still wear a suit, you still could be a crook. You see all what happened with Enron and Martha Stewart. Just because you dress a certain way doesn't mean you're that way."

Look, Stern's right in that his employees are scaring a certain percentage of his customers by wearing the clothes and accessories they wear. In that same token, however, those same employees are attracting a far greater number of new fans. Furthermore, the NBA has had no problem backing advertisements, in print and on television, that accentuate the "playa" image he now seems to detest. Do I even need to mention the "street ball" games-within-a-game that permeate every NBA video game sold?

I'm sorry, but there is only one word to describe what Stern has done, and it isn't racist.

It's hypocrite.

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Anonymous said...

Well, maybe one of the stiff isn't so stiff. Compare Swift getting driven on by MUTUMBO! to:

"• Johan Petro does some remarkable things with his body and athletic skill. Elton Brand drove hard at Petro. Petro was athletic enough to defend the drive with a back peddle and then stop and still affect the shot. It was pretty impressive. Not a lot of 7 footers could do that. Most 7 footers couldn’t back peddle, they would be flat footed and they most definitely wouldn’t have been able to still defend the shot."

"The Sonics closed the game with Ridnour, Allen, Lewis, Collison and Petro. Petro is playing that well. That could be your starting line-up."