Tuesday, October 4

Training Camp Care Packages

"It just doesn't matter if we win or if we lose.

[Think of this piece as the grayed-out side bar to Nuss' main article. --Chunky]

If we could get within 50 yards of the Furtado Center, you know the Triple-S would be serving up fresh, unfiltered, unrefined SuperSonic truth with no middle man. Restraining orders being what they are, we have no choice but to freeload off the hard work of other scribes:

Seattle Times: Percy Allen talks to Coach Weiss and Ray Allen on the eve of training camp
SUPERSONICS.COM: Kevin Pelton has a great in-depth chat with Coach Weiss about coaching philosophy and player rotations
Tacoma News Tribune: Frank Hughes talks contracts and mullets with Vlade-Dadi
Locked on Sports Blog: David Locke, as usual, comes with dirt from Sonics HQ that you can't find anywhere else.
Sports Illustrated: Columnist Marty Burns says the Supes did all right this offseason, for a team that had 9 free agents and some tight financial constraints.


Paul said...

Well, Chunk, I will give you props for using my man Bill Murray in his second finest movie (next to the one with the elephant).

PN said...

No kidding, what the hell happened in that elephant movie? This is going to sound crazy, but the opening bit of Murray as motivational speaker at someone forgettable convention is comic genius, maybe even one of his best 5 minutes ever, then the movie spirals into hell afterwards.