Thursday, October 13

It's Go Time

Well, the season has (sort of) begun. Last night the Sonics dropped a 82-75 game to the Blazers, in a matchup that had all the intrigue of spring football practice drills. Yeah, it was Weiss v Mac-10, Allen v Kobe-Killer, and all of that, but, seriously, does anyone care? After all, can you remember how the Sonics did in the pre-season last year?

Notes to take away from the game:

  • Mr. Glass got the starting nod, but Radman was not in the lineup at all due to a left foot inflammation. Also absent were the Potato (hamstring) and Da Fort (conflict with previously scheduled Angerholics class in Renton).
  • Former Duck (whoo!) Alex Scales dropped double figures on Portland, and was the 2nd Sonic off the bench behind the Omen.
  • Mr. Glass also got to the line 6 times and hit 4 of them, hopefully a nice portent of things to come this year.
  • The Sonics got all of 5 points in transition. Nice to see that up-tempo style in action, huh?
  • Swifty got the start at center, and managed an airball with his first shot.


Anonymous said...

It's about time Scales got on somewhere. The Sonics should get Luke Jackson, Freddy Jones, coax Terrel Brandon out of retirement, and field an all-Ducks squad. Granted, it would be a small line-up, but Swift ain't doing nobody no good anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lance, I like your style. Anyone know what Antoine Stoudemire and Richard Lucas are doing these days? And what about Orlando Williams, he can come off the bench to drain some treys, right?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't we need to get GP back too?

Anonymous said...

GP went to Oregon State, not Oregon.