Friday, December 2

Get Your Daily Recommended Dosage of Alley-Oops

Not much to say here. Shawn Kemp dunks, all in an extended 12" Dance Remix.

The ending will absolutely make you soil your drawers. I'm talking to you, Paul.

Warning: May contain filthy dunks and sick blocks unsuitable for young children, the frail, and the terminally un-funky. I'm talking to you, Vin Baker.

Thanks to K-Chung for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

Is it me, or did anyone else wonder where the dunk against the Knicks in MSG was?

But that's neither here nor there. Easily the best video of the year.

Tune in next week when chunky digs up "Dale Ellis' Greatest 3-pointers."

Anonymous said...

Freakin' sweet...I almost browned em. Now let's Friday!

Zach said...

The MSG dunk was in there

Anonymous said...

Consistency is all we need out of flip, those drive and dishes? Drawing contact? He's immensely talented and I really scratch my head when he struggles. It seems like if he could simply continue the penetration it wouldn't even matter if the J was flowing, he's got the athleticism that should allow it. Bring it for a few games in a row flip and we should be sittin real pretty.

_Kevin in Korea

PS: Still having a tough time with the torrent issues. If ANYONE who frequents this site and is computer savvy, Karma will return to you ten fold anyone who can cap sonics games.

Zach said...

Certainly the best game I've seen all year (though being out here in New York that's admittedly not many). Besides Flip, I was really pleased with the play of Wilkins and Radmanovic off the bench. The Supes have to be able to score when they sit Lewis and/or Allen, and tonight that was the case.

chunkstyle23 said...

The play where Fortson got stuffed on a flat-footed layup, right before he got tossed out? If that had been Kemp in his heyday, he woulda dunked it with two hands, rubbed his jock on Ilgauskas' flattop, and landed in a ninja pose, running backwards with his hands locked in position.

How I miss him.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that is a good video. Is there any doubt that Payton and Kemp were the best alley-oop duo in basketball history?

Anonymous said...

Ronald "Flip" Murray had one good game; it is more than likely that his performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers was an aberration.

Fred Bongo said...

Re: Video, I laughed, then I cried. So beautiful!

On another note, did anyone catch this nugget in the Times notes this morning.

"• Vladimir Radmanovic said he will not rejoin the cast of the Pacific Northwest Ballet and perform in The Nutcracker this year. The Sonics forward twice played the part of the Grandfather.

What the ? Is there any photographic evidence of this?

chunkstyle23 said...

re: Vladdy-Granddaddy:
I can't find any pics on the web yet, but it did happen. I saw a clip of his performance on the news last Christmas season. Imagine Vlade's already craggy face done up in old man theater makeup, looking about 9-ft tall next to all these teeny ballerinas. Easily the creepiest grandfather since Peter Boyle in "Monster's Ball."

Mr. F said...

Honestly when I turned the game on last night and saw Flip on the court during crunch time I was mad. I didn't understand the rationale until they said how well he was playing. Even then I didn't like it so much, it still felt like there was just too much of him ball hogging and other guys standing. I'm glad we won and he played well but I wasn't that comfortable with it.

The Kemp video is sick, I think the thing that impressed me the most about it was some of his dribbling. Reign Man had some pretty good handles.

Fred Bongo said...

re: Vladdy-Granddaddy

Thank you for helping me create that mental image.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we better get used to Flip playing in crunch time. At least it won't be boring.

Anonymous said...


Is there any good way to save this movie? Any hints? It's a must for my laptop.

Anonymous said...

Crap, I can't get any work done today, guys. I've been watching the Kemp video on repeat!

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