Monday, December 5

Sonics Punk Pacers, 107-102

Seattle Supersonics guard Ronald MurrayThe Seattle SuperSonics beat the Indiana Pacers 107-102 Sunday night without the benefit of a center.

Petro and the Potty-Man never left the bench as forwards Nick "Caveman" Collison and Danny "DaFunk" Fortson manned the middle. Flip Murray had another strong game, scoring 18 points off the bench to help the Sonics win their third in a row.

Could this mean the team we know and love from last season is finally back? Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

*shouts* YESSSSSSSSSSS! THE SONICS WON! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! ^__^ and against the pacers, too! pretty decent opponents...and we managed to beat them. :D YAAAAAAAAAAAY! :)

happiness is a supersonic win. ^___^

Paul said...

My greatest wish is to see rex write a post as long as ak47 using nothing but ascii/emoticon art. Dare to dream!

(and keep the good vibes coming, rex! :))

Anonymous said...

Stat of the Year (so far):

Seattle's record when Da Fort plays 10+ minutes: 5-2
Seattle's record when Da Fort plays <10 minutes: 3-6

Just throwing it out there.

Anonymous said...

Right on!
I'd also like to see the emoticons for trading the rights of three old second round draft picks for Scott Pollard.

Anonymous said...

woaaaaaaaaaah, a post as long as ak47! :D with nothing but ascii/emoticon art! dude, that would be soooooo awesome. ^___^ totally crazy, but awesome. :)

keep the good vibes comin' too, paul. :D

@_@ and '__'! would have to be my emoticons for a trade with da fort/radman for pierce. crazy but tempting! and -___-; for the pollard thing.