Friday, December 16

Stuffed Again

Seattle SuperSonics' Luke Ridnour, left, and Houston Rockets' Luther Head tangle as they reach for a loose ball during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005, in Seattle. The Rockets won 104-98.<br />(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)


The season of unending pain continued last night, as the Rockets took advantage of Seattle's weak defense to shoot 56% from the field on their way to a 104-98 win. Pine-Sol Evans almost went for a double-double, but he was the lone bright spot as Ray Allen continues to miss shots at an alarming rate, Lewis scored less than 20 for the third consecutive game, and Seattle demonstrated a complete inability to defend the interior.

Want proof? Here's the combined FG mark for Juwann Howard, Stro Swift, Dikembe Mutombo, and Yao Ming: 20 for 29, or 69%. Folks, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that teams that allow opponents' big men to shoot 69% do not win very many games.

Tonight, the Sonics take on Nate and the Blazers in the Rose City. Luckily, the Blazers make the Sonics look like the Spurs, having won 2 of 10, and those two were against New Orleans (in OT) and the Hawks.

Looking for a crazy stat? The Blazers haven't scored 100 points in a game this season. Sonic opponents typically score 100 by the end of the third quarter. Something has to give!


Anonymous said...

What's with Nick getting 8 minutes? If we're gonna stink up the joint, which it certainly looks like we are at this point, can we start developing Nick and Petro? Shit, throw Swift in there for all I care.

How disapointing.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. If opposing front lines are going to shoot 69% against us, it might as well be against our younger players.

Not sure what Weiss was thinking with Collison last night.

And can Ridnour please hit an open J? Please?

Anonymous said...

I'll third that notion. Weiss is so far removed from a set rotion it's almost silly. Here's some numbers:

13, 21, 16, 32, 8


7, 11, 31, 16, 9


3, 0, 0, 0, 21


0, 0, 18, 2, 0

If you guessed that these are the minutes in each of the last five games for Collison, Wilkins, Potato, and Mikki Moore, you win a prize. If someone can explain to me how Weiss expects guys to produce when they go from 0 minutes to 21, and from 18 minutes to 0, you win two prizes.