Wednesday, December 7

Nertz! Sonics get Knicked, 104-101

New York Knicks' Nate Robinson, left, goes up for a shot as Seattle SuperSonics Rashard Lewis, right, defends in the first half in Seattle on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2005.<br />(AP Photo/Ron Wurzer)From Yahoo!
SEATTLE (AP) -- Jamal Crawford has learned the secret to homecomings: Don't rush.

Back in his hometown, Crawford scored all of his season-high 31 points in the second half, and the New York Knicks rallied for a 104-101 win over the Seattle SuperSonics on Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

fjshdfsafjsdjfsdhfdjjdsj! @_@

maaaaan, this game was supposed to be ours! :( with like, a 10 pt. lead at halftime, we should have built up on that and taken it. :( maaaan, i hope we do better next game. PLEASE! pleaaaase! ^___^

is it just me or has anyone also noticed the weird trend that we sort of lose to the mediocre teams but win against the stronger ones? ^____^ weeeeird.

Anonymous said...

Sonics did it last year too... Seems like they built up a lead too early and then thought that it was in the bag. They got bored, the fans got bored (soooo quiet) and by the time they let them back in the game it was too late.

Anonymous said...

It was also the use of Robert Swift. If anything kills momentum more than Flip Murray its the sight of 7-foot Robert Swift ducking in the passing lane because he's afraid of the ball.


Anonymous said...

Well, the Sonic offense continues to produce, as scoring 101 points against a Knick team that allows about 10 fewer than that per game is fantastic.

And yet, the Sonic defense continues to suck. The last 3 wins overshadowed this, but the Sonics just cannot stop people. They lucked out in those 3 games because the other teams couldn't hit their 3s, but last night the Knicks went 5 for 6 beyond the arc and Seattle lost.

Despite his seemingly great night, Radman's +/- last night was -9, the worst on the team. The best mark went to Da Fort, who posted a +11 in a game the Sonics lost. To me, the key to the game was Fortson getting into foul trouble. He played about 12 minutes in the first half as Seattle coasted to a solid lead, then sat for all but 3-4 minutes in the second half, when the Sonics squandered said lead. The same thing happened against the Cavs when the Sonics threw away their huge lead after Fortson got tossed for bad behavior.

Fred Bongo said...

Is Weiss trying to get fired?

I liked what Radman did last night, he does not seem to make bad decisions and looked like doing an adequate job defensively. I think the big story of the game was Ray going 9 for 28. I really enjoyed seeing that stat under the label "hot hands." I don't think he can devote a lot of energy to D and O.

There were also at least three missed dunks.

Anonymous said...

is it true that Regie Evans submit to a drug control in the half time and that's why he didn't play in the 3rd quarter?

a french fan of sonics!

Anonymous said...


Just curious, is Johan Petro being mentioned in France, or is Tony Parker the only player people notice?

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Good call, Lance. I also forgot Mickael Pietrus, Michael Stewart, and Jerome Moiso. And I forgot that Parker was born in Belgium, not France, although he did go to school there and played professionally there.

This concludes the French portion of Tune in tomorrow for the answer to this question: Who was/is the worst German forward on defense - Kiki Vandeweghe or Dirk Nowitzki?

Anonymous said...


Tony Parker is famous in France, but the media don't talk a lot about basket! Just about his wife!!!!! Petro is mentionned when the Sonics play :"Petro did a good match with 3 boards and 1 points, what a good player!!"
Boris Diaw is very popular in France,
for the basket fan of course! Phoenix did a good trade!!
But it's the beggining, there is a young generation of good players... Boris Diaw, Mickael Pietrus, Joakim Noah (he play in NCAA) TP, Ian Manhini, Claude Marquis... and Petro & Mickael Gelabale...

Petro coming soon in NBA, we feel in the future he can be a good player, but that was better he stayed in France or Europe to progress...

that's what Mikael "cold as ice" Gelabale did, and it's good... he plays in a good european team (Madrid) did a very good European Championship with France Team, he is clever, a great team-mate, good shooter, good in defense... and a super dunker...

Who is Mickael Stewart?? he's not french!
forget MoƮso, his name is like a joke now... We hope Petro will not follow the same way : good capacities but lazy

see ya!
I hope you understand my poor English

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Gelabale can play, Kortex. Everything you say about him sounds like something the Sonics can use. Hopefully he's wearing the green and gold next season.

Anonymous said...

I hope too that Mickael will play with Sonics next year. This an fan question :

"Hi Mickeal, Do you plan to the NBA soon, or do you think that it could be better to stay with your great coach to improve your game?"
Pierre, France

"It's one of my goals for the future, and I believe that someday I will play in Seattle, the team that holds my rights. But the thought of wanting to play in the NBA does not stop me from putting first the objectives we have at Real Madrid nor my daily work to improve in ever aspect of the game"

and I believe He will come with his coach...

are you looking european basket??

this is the euroleague website :
there is highlights, and the Gelabale team is the Real MAdrid...

see ya