Wednesday, December 13


Allen Iverson to the Seattle Supersonics?I think the real reason blogs were invented were to discuss possible trades. Honestly, if all the trade possibilities were deleted from the blog world, the world would shrink by about 75%.

So, let's give in to impulse and ponder the unponderable - should the Sonics deal for Allen Iverson? What would it take? Who would you give up to get one of the greatest competitors in NBA history?

Ray Allen? Rashard Lewis? Paccelis Morlende? Ibo Kutluay? They're all fair game in this world.

So go ahead, channel your inner Bob Whitsitt and put on your trading cap. Let us know who the Sonics should deal to get AI (or, for that matter, if they should deal anyone). If you're unsure of salary-cap ramifications, turn to for help.

My opening bid: Ray Allen and Danny Fortson for Iverson.


Anonymous said...

Wait, didn't you just say in oneo f the comments that you did't think AI was a good fit for this team?

I'm glad you've come around. I'd take Iverson over Allen in a second. That deal actually makes sense for both teams, although I don't know how well Ridnour and Iverson would mesh together.

I'll tell you one thing - this team would be one helluva lot more intense.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tidbit about Petro's performance last night:

• Seattle's Johan Petro scored 12 points and had nine rebounds in only 12 minutes Tuesday. Only two players in the last 30 years have had that many points and that many rebounds in no more than 12 minutes of game time. Anthony Cook had 13 points and 9 rebounds for the Nuggets in 1990 and Brad Wright had 13 and 9 for the Knicks in 1987.

(courtesy of Elias via

Anonymous said...

I'm still not 100% in agreeement with Hill's decision to bench Petro in the 2nd half. If you watched the game, you know Petro had a huge impact on the first half, he and Gelabale both helped the Sonics get back into the game when it looked the sonics had no chance at all. Then, in the 2nd half, he hardly plays at all? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Iverson and Iguodala for Lewis, Fortson, and Watson. The Sonics would have to get rid of Watson if they pick up Iverson, and I think the Sixers would rather have Lewis than Allen because of age and contract status.

Anonymous said...

If the Sonics traded Ray Allen for Allen Iverson, then it would be logical for Rashard Lewis to opt out of his contract to go play for a team where he could get his hands on the ball.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rashard would probably leave town, and then the Sonics would be stuck with the same problem the Sixers have - Allen Iverson and ?????

Anonymous said...

Ray Allen mostly, but whatever it took. Ray will always stick around the three point line, we need a star who will drive. AI driving and dishing to Luke and Rashard for threes would make this team a lot better than Ray, Luke and Rashard all camping out there.