Saturday, December 2

Nate Speaks

It's not every day you get a chance to hear an NBA coach speak only, and when that NBA coach is the most beloved player in Sonic history, it's worth a read. Ian Thomsen of has a great Q&A with Nate McMillan on the website that goes into racism, the national perception of the Blazers, a quick bit on Nate's time in Seattle (and I do mean quick), and plenty else. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Dude, Nate's gone, get over it. When are you guys going to move on?

Paul said...

Nate was with the Sonics for over a decade and was the all-time leader (pre-Payton) in assists and steals. He played hurt almost his entire career, and his absence was probably the one thing that stopped the Supes from taking the Bulls in 96. Oh, and he coached one of the worst teams in Sonics history to the playoffs in 2004.

Dude, get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

Tough loss last night. I don't think you can be too disappointed with a 2 point loss ont he road to the hottest team in the league ... especailly when th e Sonics could have easily have won the game