Wednesday, December 6

Bizarro World

Seattle SuperSonics' Rashard Lewis claps after a basket in the third quarter against the Atlanta Hawks Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006, in an NBA basketball game at KeyArena in Seattle.<br />(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)Remember the episode of Seinfeld where all the characters were backwards; George was suave, Elaine was neurotic, etc., etc. Well, last night was a Bizarro World Sonics game.

One team shot 23 3's, one team shot 8.

One team had 44 boards, one team had 28.

One team had 6 guys in double-figures, one team had 3.

Oddly enough, it was the Sonics who took fewer 3's, rebounded better, and featured balanced scoring. Naturally, it took an injury to their best player to accomplish those feats, but it was a great win nonetheless. Damien Wilkins had himself the kind of night we've been expecting for 2 1/2 years - 10 points, 8 boards, 4 assists, all in a mere 23 minutes.

But, to me, the best part of the win was seeing Rashard Lewis take over as the leader. For a long time, we've questioned Lewis' ability to be THE MAN on a team as he's always seemed like a second-banana, Scottie Pippen type player.

But maybe we're wrong, maybe Rashard IS capable of being the guy, he's just never had the opportunity. We often forget how young Rashard is, and how long it takes some guys to grow into their height and get used to the league. I'm not saying the Sonics should deal Ray Allen this weekend, but the idea of Rashard Lewis as team leader doesn't look so bad.


Anonymous said...

Damien Wilkins could have been THE MAN against that crappo team last night.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Damien was revved up last night because of all the talk about Gelabale. You know he must be wondering what his role on this team is if Gelabale starts getting to finish games.

Whatever the case, he played really well against the Hawks.

Anonymous said...

Damien just has to work on not getting 2 fouls in the span of 3 minutes

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Pete, the Seinfeld episode you're referencing was actually "The Opposite". In it, George decides to do the opposite of everything he's ever done and meets with success, while Elaine's life spirals into decay and Jerry remains "Even Steven". Interestingly enough, this is also the episode where Kramer makes a fool of himself on a syndicated talk show.


In the 'Bizarro Jerry' episode, Elaine meets a group of 3 guys who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful (think Paul, Pete, & Chunk).

By the way, hope you're all enjoying Desmon Farmer in the PNW; in particular, his unique ability (refined at USC) of launching haphazard threes with his eyes closed.