Friday, December 8

Allen out 7 games

Well, Damien Wilkins sure won't be complaining about minutes now - Ray Allen will miss at least two weeks' worth games because of a contusion in his right ankle.

Personally, I'm sorry for Ray, but excited for Rashard Lewis. The next two weeks are a great opportunity for him to show that he is ready to be a #1 guy in the NBA. Lewis ought to lead the Sonics in scoring every night, and I hope he can boost his scoring enough to get everyone to realize how talented he is.

Add in the extra minutes for Wilkins, Gelabale and Watson, and the lockerroom ought to be a lot happier these days.

The Sonics will host New Orleans tonight. The Hornets opened the season at 8-3, but have dropped 5 of 6 and now stand at 9-8, partially explained by their complete lack of offense in four straight games, where they failed to score 85 points even once. Jannergo Pargo has been huge off the bench in the Hornets' last two games, and I hope Earl Watson sees the challenge presented to him and finds a way to contain the young Hornet PG.

Obviously, this is a game the Sonics should win. They're at home and the Hornets are struggling, and that usually means a win. However, Allen's absence is the X factor - can the Sonics group together and play better, or will they use Ray's injury as a cop-out for a lack of intensity?

I see the Sonics winning - 105-94.


Anonymous said...

I won't miss Ray at all. I know he's great and his offense is unbelievable, but I'm sick of his complaining. I call Ewing THeory.

Anonymous said...

Ray Allen for Allen Iverson. I know it's slightly illogical and could be seen as swapping parts and not really improving either team, but Iverson has a competitive streak and Allen does not. Does anyone really think Denzel would score two points on AI?

Anonymous said...

The "Ewing Theory" might be applicable in this case.

Anonymous said...

You guys really think AI will help the sonics with way the bench has been complaining....he will have the whole bench wanting him off the team once he jacks up 40 shot attempts. Keep Ray and develop what we have...enough said