Tuesday, May 22

David Stern, Our Balls Are In Your Hands

David Stern: Seattle Sonic hater?Well, today's the big day, isn't it? The Sonics stand at a gigantic fork in the road this morning and afternoon: Path 1 leads to Durant or Oden, Path 2 leads to dozens of other guys.

If you think about it, it's sort of the same feeling you get during a Game 7 in the 3rd quarter. You know, when you're staring at the tv, thinking to yourself, "I've been watching these guys all season, through the dregs of February and everything, and now there's only 18 minutes left in the season. I should really pay better attention."

That's kind of how I feel now. We've been watching the Sonics for 40 years (not all of us, mind you), and now the future of the franchise could lie in a couple of ping pong balls in New Jersey. With the #1 or #2 pick, Bennett most likely keeps the team here, a stadium magically appears, and all is right with the world as the Sonics cruise back into the playoffs.

With a #3 or lower pick, Bennett possibly sells the team, moves the team, or goes to court with the city. None of those are particularly appealing.

Thankfully, according to Bill Simmons, we are the most deserving of any team in the draft to get the #1 pick. I'm not sure how to take that; does that mean we're the homeliest girl at the dance, or just the most deserving of getting some good luck?

Whatever the case may be, please put in some good thoughts towards New Jersey this day. The Sonics need your help, and if you're at all interested in watching basketball in Seattle down the road, it may all just start today.


Anonymous said...

According to chad ford, the sonics also have the most at stake.

Anonymous said...

My number one goal is to see Bennett sell the team and I disagree that getting Durant or Ogden magically gets us a stadium.

If I thought for one minute that Bennett and his Oklahoma ownership team wanted to keep the team here maybe it would be more incentive, but I have to believe that this just make the team more marketable to some other city and Bennett moves the team.

If we don't get the big lottery hit, then what does Bennett have? Nothing... he will almost be forced to sell or hope that something that changes.

I would love the team to have the ping-pong balls drop, but since I think the best thing for the Seattle Sonics is to not get a big marketable property, then that is the way I am going.

Anonymous said...

I can see that argument, but I disagree. I think Bennett's options are limited to begin with, and getting Oden/Durant doesn't help him. I truly believe Stern will force him to sell the team before he attempts to move it.

The longer you look at this scenario, it just doesn't make sense for the NBA to abandon Seattle. This isn't the NFL where the majority of money made is in television, and a city like Green Bay can have a team. The money NBA teams make is much more tied to ticket sales, and you are looking at 1) a larger population and 2) a more affluent population in Seattle than in either KC or Oklahoma City.

The reason I think Oden/Durant will help get a stadium is because of the change in public opinion if one of those guys puts on a Sonic jersey. It jsut completely changes the attitude towards this team, from complete apathy and pessimism to optimism. Whether Bennett will still be owning the team is hard to say, but my preference, like yours, is that he doesn't.

Eric Reynolds said...

Boy, I hope you're right, Nuss.

As much as I can't help but despise Bennett -- not hard, between his politics and business tactics -- I also can't help but be pissed at Howard Schultz even more.

Mr. Schultz, you are a gutless void of integrity.