Tuesday, May 15

Sonics talk to Cleamons, Rambis

Future Seattle Sonics coach Kurt Rambis?According to the LA Times, the Sonics have asked for permission to speak with assistant coach Kurt Rambis. In addition, the Times reports the Sonics have already interviewed Jim Cleamons, likewise a Laker assistant coach.

In other coaching news, Sam Mitchell's boss, Bryan Colangelo, is refusing permission to other teams to speak with Mitchell about coaching their teams. If you're a Sonic fan, this is a good thing. Bryan, you can have Sam, we don't want him.

Rambins and Cleamons are certainly below the radar of potential candidates, but you've got to like anyone who's gone through the Phil Jackson school of coaching. Both of them have previous head coaching experience (Rambis in LA, Cleamons in Dallas).

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Eric Reynolds said...

I gotta say, Rambis/Cleamons are both surprisingly intriguing choices!