Wednesday, April 2

Arena Roundup

Here's how others are seeing the proposal yesterday from Fred Brown and Co.:

-Art Thiel, PI: "Brown in his NBA career spent entirely Downtown, never attempted a longer shot."

-Jim Brunner, Times: "[Port of Seattle] Commission President John Creighton said that while he admires Brown, captain of the 1979 NBA champion Sonics team, as a childhood hero, the Port has no interest in even considering the plan."

-Percy Allen, Times: "Brown said he spoke with NBA commissioner David Stern, who told him 'stop bringing me KeyArena and bring me something else.'"

- Steve Kelley, Times: "If you want NBA basketball in Seattle, their dreams, in many ways, are your dreams. But here's the concern ... The last thing we need is competing groups, fighting for the affections of the City Council, the state Legislature, the NBA and the same potential investors."

- Greg Johns, PI: "Bean and Brown began talking about their idea last summer, but waited to see if other plans gained traction first. They wanted to go public now before the upcoming NBA Board of Governors meeting in mid-April to let the league know there are other viable arena projects in Seattle, even though they admit their own effort isn't aimed at stopping Bennett from relocating his team to Oklahoma."

- Eric Williams, TNT: "More to the point was [Pete] von Reichbauer, who has been working behind the scenes to keep the Sonics in Seattle. "But just as in the advertising world, you have to ask, ‘Where the beef?’ Where is the revenue stream?”

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