Thursday, April 17

Sonics Win! Off-Season Awaits

Any chance we can get Kevin Durant's grandmother a season pass to all 82 games next year?

According to Eric Williams in the TNT, Durant's grandmother, Barbara Williams, was in attendance last night, and, "Every time she comes to the game, I feel like I’ve got to do something special because she rarely gets to see me play."

That something special translated into a 42-point, 13-rebound performance in a rare Sonic road win, this time over the Golden State Warriors in a game with absolutely no significance whatsoever, unless you consider the last game in Sonic history to be significant, that is.

Even more amazing was his 18-of-25 (!) performance from the field and six dimes, easily his best all-around performance of the season.

Jeff Green shined in a secondary role, and added 27 points and 10 rebounds, in what turned out to be what must be one of the best rookie performances in NBA history.

So, now we wait for Friday, when the Board of Governors meets to decide what to do with the Sonics' future. Honestly, I'm not all that concerned with their decision, in that it pales in significance to the decision handed down this June in a Seattle courtroom, let alone the decision rendered in Ho Shu's (kudos to Paul for the nickname) case against Clay Bennett.

And, if you're desperate for a laugh, visit the Daily Oklahoman, where Clay Bennett's minions try to explain how the City of Seattle is in collusion with Steve Ballmer and the Group of Four in an attempt to drive down the price of the team and facilitate a sale.

Yeah, that's right, Clay, we're all out to get you. It doesn't have anything to do with the craptacular way you've gone about your business for the past year and a half.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Durant score 42 points? (not 40)...

Great website by the way. This is my first post, and this site is quickly becoming my place of choice for sonics news.

Anonymous said...

My typo - thanks for visiting the site and for the correction. For some reason, I could've sworn I saw a "40" next to his name last night on the sports ticker at the bottom of the screen. Must have stuck in my head overnight.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Durant was awesome last night...I didn't get to see the game (damn fsn and their stupid blackouts) Now we wait and see what happens this summer. I'm still rooting for them to get a top pick though. Seems weird to be rooting for Howard Schultz but GO STARBUCKS!