Monday, April 28

LOL Sonics

I thought it might be time to take a break from the drama and have some fun, and what's more fun than a CONTEST?

Make your own wacky LOLCATS picture featuring the Sonics (you can use this great online tool) and send it to us. We'll pick our favorites and post them tomorrow (and maybe send you some Sonics swag if I can drag my ass to the post office).


Anonymous said...

How do we send them to you?

(Nice idea by the way - I'm gettting weary of the arena situation myself).

Paul said...

Sorry--click on the "contact" link on the upper right hand side.

Anonymous said...

I've tried one.

Cheers Silvio

Anonymous said...

Here's mine!

Anonymous said...

lolcats make me want to puke. but nonetheless:

the cause is too dear to my heart.

I need to go take a shower now and scrub myself clean of this filth

Paul said...

Thanks for all the photos, folks! SILVIO--your link doesn't work.

Leif said...

Two I made:

Anonymous said...

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