Wednesday, April 16

Sonics in the News

Of course, we'd rather be in the news for the playoffs, but sometimes it takes adversity to bring attention to something.

At the moment, you can:

1. Vote for Seattle instead of OKC for the Sonics' home next year at (Sonics leading 70% to 30% thus far)
2. Read about how Jazz fans want to Save the Sonics at (yes, you read that right, the franchise of Stockton and Malone is on our side!)
3. With Malice showing support from Japan.
4. Third Quarter Collapse is backing the Sonics, and he has the photo to prove it.
5. South Florida, who jumped on the bandwagon sooner than just about anyone, is still there for the Sonics.
6. The Next Round with a list of why the Sonics are leaving, including a backhanded dig at OKC.
7. Canada lends a maple syrupy hand to help as well.
8. Christopher Cason at Bull Riding feels the pain of Sonic fans.
9. Henry Abbott at True Hoop, as always, throws support to Seattle.
10. Cav fans - and those are some fans who know pain - are putting together a petition to Save the Sonics.

There are dozens of more sites out there trumpeting the cause, the most important being, of course, SonicsCentral, which has spearheaded this effort from the beginning. Thanks to everyone who is keeping this story at the front of everyone's mind.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: David Stern and Clay Bennett want this story to disappear. You can keep that from happening!


Anonymous said...

Wow, everything about that poll screams keep the team in Seattle. Just look at the pop up map of the poll results. Washington outvoted Oklahoma in terms of percentages and total votes (3x as many). Plus, nearly every state is in favor of keeping the team in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Can't find the ESPN poll. Could you please post a link?

Carolyn Hastings said...

The ESPN poll is here:

Right hand side of the page; you'll have to scroll down to see it.

I'm proud to say Ohio votes are 73% in favor of Seattle.

Anonymous said...

It's on the main page of, you just have to scroll to the bottom of the page and look to the right.

It's still 70-30 Seattle leading. On a side note, you can see a map listing how each state has voted. So far, only Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas are in favor of the team moving to OKC.

Anonymous said...

That map looks like Dick Cheney's wet dream - 47 red states.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Found it.
I wish they'd used green instead of red...

Paul said...

I think they removed the poll! Can someone double check for me?

Anonymous said...

They did indeed remove it. Not cool...

Jordan Nelson said...

Two things:

1. The poll is indeed removed. What gives? I cannot fathom any reason for this poll being removed all of a sudden. Foul play?

2. I have been completely and utterly overwhelmed today with the support of fans and bloggers of other teams around the NBA. I've been on the verge of tears several times. I just don't have the words to convey my gratitude and appreciation for these people standing up with us in this fight. I wish I could thank each one personally. I have read every page that this site and SonicsCentral have linked to and I'm just blown away. Anyway, if I can say one thing clearly about today, its that hope is in the air. My deepest thanks to every NBA fan who has joined up with us in the eleventh hour.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt matter the team is leaving. and there is NOTHING you all can do about it... So funny to see you people voicing your personal opinion so passionately, failing to realize that in the end IT DOESNT MATTER. Suck it up and in 10-12 yrs you may once again have nba basketball in your town.

Anonymous said...

b.diddy, I know that in Oklahoma you don't care what the rest of the country thinks. And I know that because you know nothing about the pitfalls of being a town with pro sports you don't understand how sad this is--that you find it funny. And I know you're not very self-aware. Few Oklahomans are. And I know that in Oklahoma people's private thoughts truly don't matter, because you all slurp up whatever Uncle Clay's wife's newspaper says to be true. But the rest of the country believes that people can make a difference. Congrats, Oklahoma. Thanks to charming, compassionate reps like b.diddy, the rest of the country is growing to hate you. And you really expect us to hand you this team on a plate. Not happening.
And to think that most Seattle fans hope that Oklahoma gets a team, as long as its not the Sonics. The truth is, these classless vultures deserve nothing but the disgust of the people who really love the NBA. No real big-league city would laugh at this situation. Small-minded people, small-time state. Mindless, astonishing selfishness. I won't pretend to know what's going to happen with the Sonics. But let's hope these sorry excuses for human beings get what they deserve and then sink back into obscurity, never to trouble us again.