Wednesday, April 16

Cantwell, Murray On Board

So, let's do a quick tally here ...

- 70% of respondents in an poll thought the Sonics should stay in Seattle
- The overwhelming majority of NBA fanblogs across the country think the Sonics should stay in Seattle
- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is willing to contribute his considerable wealth to keep the Sonics in Seattle
- The Mayor and City Council want the Sonics to stay in Seattle

and now
- US Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell want the Sonics to stay in Seattle

So, Mr. Stern, still feeling pretty good about your decision to relocate the Sonics?

All facetiousness aside, at what point does Stern admit he has made a mistake? When photos of Clay Bennett giving a deposit to a moving company emerge? When incriminating emails between Stern and Bennett come to light? Ever?

Folks, Murray and Cantwell have been as inconspicuous as Rashard Lewis on defense in the past few months and the fact those two have throw their weight behind this situation only further illustrates how pathetic the Stern & Bennett camp is beginning to look.


Anonymous said...

A part of me is actually hoping that the BOG votes "yes" on the move, that Stern's ego won't let him see the writing on the wall, and that this thing ends up nationally televised from a subcommittee chamber. Imagine the NBA honchos marched one-by-one before Congress.
I don't want Stern to survive this. I have never hated anyone like I hate him. He's done a lot for the NBA, but somewhere along the line he has truly lost it. I hope he not only loses his job but is completely discredited.
This really isn't just about the Sonics anymore, to me. It's about making the bad guys pay--Bennett, Stern, the city of Oklahoma and all their fans who are too oblivious to realize what's going on, unlike the rest of the country or any fans who have cared about the NBA for more than three years.
Go ahead BOG. Do Stern's bidding. Vote yes. I dare ya.
And then: Howard, Mr. Mayor, Madam Governor, Senators: nuke 'em.

Nathaniel said...

Stern can't admit he made a mistake; that's the nasty nasal undertone of this whole situation. Stern see's things in one color. Black. That's it. There's no white, and there's certainly no shot of seeing gray.

It's interesting, though, what will happen if Bennett gets stalled? Will, Sam Presti be forced to make the Sonics worse because Bennett still wants OKC to be a realistic possibility? (I think that's the greater question at this point.)

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Presti being forced to make the team worse: I have this recurring nightmare where the Sonics get the #2 overall pick, have Derrick Rose available, and take DeAndre Jordan while Bennett laughs evilly behind the scenes.