Wednesday, April 16

A Long and Winding Road

You want to hear something crazy?

Tonight may be the last game ever played by the Seattle SuperSonics, and nobody - absolutely nobody – is talking about the game.

The X-Man. Haywood. Lenny. Gus. DJ. Scheff. Vinny Askew. Clem Johnson. Dana Barros. Sam. Rashard.

All gone – possibly - after tonight.

Of course, that is far from a certainty. In fact, it’s about as likely as David Stern donating his next paycheck to Hamas, but it is certainly possible.

One game left, one more time to hear, “And here’s the starting lineup for Seattle tonight ...” One final time to read a boxscore in the morning paper, one last time to check the standings.

Well, that aspect of following the Sonics left town a few months, if not years ago, but you get my drift.

Being a fan is more than celebrating the championships, it is following the day to day progress of young players, the possibilities of trades, the draft, the injuries.

Being a fan is remembering how Gus Williams tied his shoes, or the way Xavier McDaniel took a fadeaway jumper, or grimacing at Detlef Schrempf’s mullet, or marvelling at Gary Payton’s ability to run backwards, tilt his head to the side, and talk smack.

All of that goes into it. We remember the beautiful times of the early 90s when Shawn Kemp reigned supreme and anything was possible, or the ugly times of the past few years. It all goes into being a Sonic fan.

And, tonight, it might all just end.

Sonics. Warriors. Tip-off at 7:30.

Let’s hope it won’t be the last.


Anonymous said...

Well, 1 quarter is just about in the books for the final game of the season. Right now, Jo Petro is on his way to a quadruple double - isn't that one of the signs of the apocolypse?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else having trouble finding this game on TV? I'm at my buddy's place and we've got the NBA League Pass and not even that is showing the game.

Anonymous said...

Lot of good games on tonight--I'm guessing Sonics-GState isn't high up on the radar.
Still, according to, the Sonics are winning and Durant's got 24pts 6reb, 5ast part way through the third, and Green's got 20-6-2...

Not sure about the Hamas comment--wouldn't that be extremely close to 0% chance? Well, I guess that's good news for the Sonics...

Don't know what happened to the poll. It was there one second, gone the next...

Anonymous said...

That is one pretty box score. Who does Durantula think he is posting 40 points and 13 boards on 72% shooting in a completely statistically meaningless game? Green was a beast too, I love it. Well the future for this team looks really bright, whether in Seattle or Okieville. They better not leave dammit. I hate Clay "Aiken" Bennett more than Bin Laden right now.

Online ZenDoc said...

Someone on mentioned to use this blog the next time got shut down by hackers or whatever (probably hired by Clay Bennett or David Stern). We've been having a lot of problems keeping it online. This is the third shutdown in 3 days. It went down sometime after midnight I believe, but well before 1:00AM. I'll keep trying it until I go to bed in 15 minutes. It's 1:06AM now 4-17-08. Do you guys also post on

Paul said...

I would hope people don't only come here when SC is down!

Thanks for finding us, though. You'll find the sites are very different--SC is a great, straight-forward news site, and Supersonicsoul . . . has cartoons about Danny Fortson. 'Nuff Said!

mcwalter44 said...

Man, the game last night was awesome. I got several Warrior fans to yell "Save the Sonics" with my brother and I. Hell, we even found 10 other sonic fans with throw back Kemp and Payton jerseys. Man, if the Sonics go, then they went in high flyin', glory days like pizazz. My bro made a video clip of the last few minutes of the game. We'll post it to tube some time later today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mcw. Send us a link and we'll put it up on the site.

Isn't it amazing how the Sonics played in the last few games of the season? It's as if the tension from this move was finally lifted, and they just went out and played. Imagine what this team could be like next year with all the doubts removed.