Monday, December 5

Nothing but 'Net

Last week, when I should have been doing some “more important” work, I thought I’d take a look to see what the Sonic players have done as far as the web is concerned. With images of Craig “Mint” Ehlo fresh in mind, I set out in search of the best the Sonics’ web presences have to offer. Here’s what I discovered.

Ray Allen – In a word, frightening. Many things come to mind when I think of the Sonics’ shooting guard, but K-9 defense is not one of them.

Bob Weiss – Apparently, Mr. Weiss is even more qualified to deal with Danny Fortson than we previously believed.

Robert Swift – I’m not entirely sure, but I’m guessing this could be young Bobby’s dad’s site. That, or Bob has made the best of his (considerable) time on the bench the past two years.

Surprisingly, no one else on the roster has anything affiliated to their names. Even such luminaries as Luke Ridnour and Rashard Lewis are shut out. What the heck are the agents for these guys doing? After all, if this guy can have a site, why can’t Ray Allen? And why the heck does this loser get a site, when Danny Fortson doesn’t?

I tell ya, it just don’t make no sense.


chunkstyle23 said...

Okay Mr. Cold Call, why don't you solicit the above mentioned Supersonics and offer our services? Maybe we can start to make some money off this thing?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, but wouldn't that curtail my ability to complain about this?

Mr. F said...

If Al Jefferson can have a website with video highlights while he's still in highschool than why can't Ray Allen have one now?

Zach said...

Would Rashard's prospective website include mention of his arrest for drunken driving?