Monday, December 19

Radman Not Leaving

According to this report from Frank Hughes in the TNT, Radman will not ask for a trade this season, despite his ever-decreasing minutes. Further, he'll veto any trade (as is his right in the CBA) the Sonics offer. This isn't all that surprising, but it does put the kibosh on the trade rumors we hear regarding the 6'10" enigma.

As a side note, you have to love this quote from David Bauman, Radman's agent.

"They saw last week that when they play him 31 minutes, they get 23 points. If they play him 15 minutes, they are going to get seven points. That is just how it works."

Funny, when Vlade played 33 minutes against the Cavs on Nov. 9th, he scored 12. And when he played 40 minutes against the Lakers on Nov. 24, he scored 13. And when he played 26 minutes against the Warriors one week ago, he scored all of 8 points. Nice try, Bauman, but we all know the truth is that Vlade's point totals are as reliable as a Seattle weather forecast.


Anonymous said...

It'll be a hoot next summer, when Vladi and his agent are fishing for the 10M/yr contract, then realizing that nobody even wants him for the mid-level. He might have to go back home and try to make nice with his national team.

Anonymous said...

Man. Vlade is the bane of my existence. I can't stand this guy. What the hell is he thinking? Please Vlade, if you're reading this, leave us alone... PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

Look, while Valdimir Radmanovic may be a self-centered idiot, I'm sure that his agent, David Bauman, is wholly aware of the fact that Radmanovic is probably going to receive a five-year contract worth the mid-level exception this upcoming off-season from some team that wants to solidify the outside shooting in their frontcourt—even though he doesn't deserve it.