Thursday, January 12

Caught on Tape!

Here is the laugh-out-loud funny video of the Smackdown in Seattle last night (courtesy of ESPN). Check out Dooling's daring attempt to sneak into the Sonics locker room to lie in wait for Ray-Ray. He's like a ninja or something!

It brings back fond memories of the epic Xavier McDaniel vs. Wes Mathews fight in the 1980's. Remember that picture of X-man choking the life out of Mathews (which Nussbaum had lamenated on his Pee-Chee in high-school) and Mathews' famous "Your bald head is mine!" quote?

Sigh. You know your team is struggling when the highlight of the season is a 10-second slap-fight.


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen key arena that fired up since bob weiss got ejected..

Anonymous said...

Timely, indeed. Now, if you - or anyone else reading this - can conjure up the fight between the X-Man and Wes via cyberspace, I will be able to die a happy man.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the link to the video

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