Tuesday, January 24

No Ron for Supes

Ron Artest is headed for Sacramento in exchange for Peja Stojakovic. Ordinarily, this wouldn't merit much attention on a Sonic site, with the exception of the people who thought the Sonics had a chance of landing Artest.

However, it does merit some notice in the sense that this deal may have been holding up other deals. Artest was rumored to be heading a number of places, and now that he is confirmed to land in Sacto, that frees up those other teams to begin trading.

Basically, the first two paragraphs are a long-winded way to say that Reggie, Flip, and the Potato may be heading for new homes soon.

Update - As of 3:45, Artest has nixed the deal. Thanks to B-Con for pointing out my whole story was moot. In other news, Ron Artest has decided he no longer wishes to be an American citizen, claiming the U.S. is no longer a playoff contender and fails to utilize his unique skills. President Bush is exploring options of trading Artest to Brazil for "one of them hot-lookin' chicks."

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Anonymous said...

Hey! now the deal is on again! Yay and stuff!