Monday, January 23

Goodbye, Mr. Glass

Reggie Evans has apparently asked permission to be traded, Frank Hughes of the TNT reports. Evans' name has been linked previously with the Nets and Nuggets, with the Sonics receiving (My Name Is) Earl Watson and Mark (No Nickname) Jackson from the teams in return.


Anonymous said...

why the resistance to marc jackson? Valde doesn't rebound, and I think if and when reggie goes, there's going to be a huge dropoff in rebounding. Plus, doesn't vlade want out? who's gonna get the boards when d-fort is in foul trouble????

Anonymous said...

I've mentioned this before, but Jackson is really not any improvement over the Potato. Worse, he makes close to $5 mil. a season, about $2 mil. more per year than Vitaly.

Neither player is much of a shot blocker, which is what Seattle needs, and Jackson's rebounding rates are even worse than Vitaly's. Jackson is more of a jump-shooter and can't score down low. He's basically everything the Sonics don't need at center, at a high price. If his contract expired at the end of the season it might be worth considering, but since he's signed through next year, I'd say no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Vlade actually won't allow a trade. He has made it clear that he's staying for monetary purposes. It would mess with his free agency next year.