Monday, January 30

Sonic Talk

Couple of notes regarding the Sonics:

1. Rumors persist that the Sonics are pursuing recently traded Marcus Banks from the T-Wolves in exchange for Flip Murray and/or Reggie Evans. Banks is a 6’2” PG/SG (mostly PG), drafted out of UNLV by the Grizzlies – oddly enough – between two guys named Collison and Ridnour in 2003. He’s been a reserve for his career (if you can call 2 ½ years a career), but he does offer some strength that Frodo lacks. Basically, with Banks you’re getting more rebounds, steals, fouls, and free throw attempts, and you’re giving up assists and a small bit of shooting. Neither Frodo nor Banks are outstanding shooters, although Banks should get some credit for improving his FT shooting this season. Banks has sat on the bench for the majority of the year in Boston, only getting serious minutes for a 3-week span in mid-December to early January. Would he help the Sonics? Well, probably not any more than resident mystery man Rick Brunson.

2. Should be an interesting matchup tonight, as the Blazers take a 4-15 road record into Key Arena. Juan Dixon has really come on strong in the last month, regularly scoring 20 points and putting up a 43% 3-pt mark for the month of January, as well as a 50% mark overall. Obviously, he’s not going to keep up that rate, but I’m not expecting Ray Allen to put an end to it. One other item to note: Steve Blake and Luke Ridnour will stage a World’s Grittiest Man competition at halftime. Celebrity judges include Chris Corchiani and John Stockton.

3. Welcome back, Nate.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Banks is damaged goods.

The Celtics said that tests on Banks's left leg revealed a stress fracture in the tibia, an injury that will sideline the pocket rocket point guard probably until the All-Star break in February. Banks had a procedure after the exhibition opener a week ago that revealed what the team called a ''stress reaction." He missed the next two games, and further tests over the weekend confirmed the worst.

''It is terrible for me," said Banks, who added that he was bothered all last year by a similar injury but was able to play. ''Basically, all I can do is sit out, rehab, and try to get this thing over. [Rest] is the only thing that can heal it."

Anonymous said...

Well, he was healthy enough in December to get some decent run. However, the fact he hasn't played more than 10 minutes in a game since January 9th is a cause for concern. Was he sitting because of poor health, or poor play?

Either way, at $1.7 mil this season, he's definitely not worth it. Yes, the Sonics need a reserve PG but is the difference between Banks and Mateen Cleaves worth about $500,000 (Banks' pro-rated salary for 40 games less what Cleaves would make in the same time)? Methinks not.

Anonymous said...

this wouldn't seem to do much, except possibly alleviate some tension among said players, who seem to be on the block. I haven't had the opportunity to see mr. cleeves play at all, but certainly he can do better than those who can't play (brunson, banks) and those who trip over their own feet trying to guard average point guards (sorry, frodo, but it's true.)

Anonymous said...

Marcus Banks has great ability, he just isn't the smartest player at the PG spot. He will be the fastest player on the court.....whenever he's actually on the court. I think he can be great for us as a backup to Luke. But take my opinion for what it is as it's coming from a UNLV student ;)

Anonymous said...

As has been pointed out, Banks was injured at the start of the season. I suspect his minutes were cut at least in part because the Celtics were trying to trade him.

chunkstyle23 said...

I have to remind myself, tonight's game was a matchup of two supremely crappy teams and it's not worth getting upset about. Deep breaths, shallow thoughts:

Can someone please, please, teach these kids how to box out? How many times did easy rebounds go OVER Swift/Petro's heads to a Blazer tonight? FUUUUWWWCCCCHHKKKK!!!... Ray did his part to kill our chances with his Flip impersonation, dribbling the air out of the ball before giving it to the Blazers... combine that with Rashard's customary 4th quarter disappearing act, and you've got a pretty balanced, all-around loss tonight.

Just when I was starting to feel good about things again. That'll learn me.

Cheap shots: Z-bo's really let himself go... Ruben Patterson: Unsung Hero, Unsavory Human Being... Totally petty thought: I hope Sebastian Telfair never pans out, in the fine tradition of modern-day NYC point guards who are supposed to Redefine the Point Guard Position and fall waaaay short. Kenny Anderson, Felipe Lopez, Stephon Marbury? I guess Mark Jackson did okay for a minute, but can all the talk about NYC being the cradle of elite PGs just stop?

Okay, I feel better. I'll probably recant most of that in the morning.

chunkstyle23 said...

"In the tradition of shortsighted, jumping to conclusion, sports blogging, I'm convinced he's the man."

And what a fine tradition it is! Where would sports blogging, or indeed, sports fanaticism in general be without good ol' myopia, short term memory loss and conclusion jumping? What sports fan hasn't indiscriminately shaken his or her Hyperbolic Anointing Stick at this week's Next Jordan, Great White Hope, Sure-Fire Hall of Famer, etc.? I LOVE that about being a fan, versus, say, an actual sports journalist, or worse, a coach.

So you say Marcus Banks is the Second Coming of "Cool Breeze" Danny Young? I'ma take my man b_con's word for it.

Anonymous said...

Painful Moment O' The Night: Theo Ratliff's offensive rebound over Swiftie with about a minute left after two missed free throws. Absolutely a killer, man.

Still, Hill knows that this is what we're gonna get with Petro and Swift - moments of greatness and many more moments of brain lapses. In a perfect world, we'd have a big guy a la Dale Davis to take care of business in the fourth quarter, but since Halle Berry won't return my phone calls, I'm guessing this isn't a perfect world.

Anonymous said...

And just one more complaint, if you please.

Number of times Radman scored in double figures in January: 6

Number of times he scored in single digits: 8

I think it was Emerson who said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Vladimir Radmanovic is no fool."

Anonymous said...

How about Troy Hudson and the 4.2 million dollar trade exemption the wolves got from Boston for Evans? Or Hudson for Fortson straight up..Hudson gives instant offense off of the bench..Vinny Johnson lite...

PN said...

Hudson would be a nice fit, but considering Fortson's presence isn't welcome in most teams, this would be a hard sell. Add in that Fort and Garnett have tangled on numerous occasions, and I can't see the Big Ticket going for this deal, unless Kevin McHale has already decided to unload his 7'0" man-child in exchange for Paul Pierce (cue AK, stage left).

Anonymous said...

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