Tuesday, January 10

A Duhon Deal?

Hoopshype is full of Sonics rumors today, from the return of Krautzy to the Sonics bench, to the ongoing Earl Watson story. Longtime Supersonicsoulster "B_con" points out an interesting story about Chris Duhon coming to Seattle for The Potato and a stiff to be named later.

So, do you think this would be a good deal for the Supes, or do you have a better idea? The floor is open for debate.

(And please, for the love of God, no Danny Fortson for Paul Pierce trades!)


Anonymous said...

It would be good, but Sam Smith wrote the article. It's not true.

Anonymous said...

We need a defensive minded guard... how about singing Will Conroy to a 10 day? He's doing OK in the D-league...

OK, OK, I know it's not the answer, but I would rather see him spell Ridnour for 10 min. a game than Flip. That guy has more turnovers than Peppridge Farm...Q

Paul said...

Mmmm . . . Peppridge Farm . . .

Anonymous said...

Artest for Lewis ASAP.

Artest would set solid screens for Ray, defend like a beast, and take it to the rack.

It fatigues me to watch Rashard throw up threes and fade-aways from the post. How can he be tired and Ray fresh? Is there more to the DUI than meets the eye?

Anonymous said...

Count me in the "No, thanks" column for Earl Watson. The last two years Watson got the most minutes of his career - and promptly had the two worst statistical years of his career.

He's not a great 3-point shooter (this year notwithstanding), he's only 6'1", he's a below-average foul shooter, and he went to UCLA. Quite frankly, I don't see any area he's an improvement over Ridnour, with the exception of defense, and since I don't watch alot of Nuggets games, I really don't know how good he is there (although, I don't know how he wouldn't be an improvement over Frodo).

Considering what kind of money he makes, I think the Sonics would be foolish to pick him up.

Anonymous said...

Nuss, do we really need another three shooter? We've got Allen, Lewis, and Vlade all jacking up threes (even Flip has started to). Do we really need a poing guard who does too? We're also one of the best foul shooters in the league, and Watson doesn't go to the line very much so I don't see how that's such a big problem. What we do need badly at the point is defense and the ability to work under pressure, especially at the end of games. Watson has a rep as being good on the defensive end, but I don't know about the pressure thing.

The minuses you state are kinda non-factors for the Sonics at this point.

Anonymous said...

At this moment in time, Seattle Supersonics GM Rick Sund should trade Vitaly Potapenko and Mikki Moore to the Atlanta Hawks — who, as a franchise, are under the salary cap by approximately $7,000,000 — for point guard Tony Delk; Potapenko and Moore would give the Hawks some much needed depth in the frontcourt behind Zaza Pachulia and Al Harrington, while Delk would allow ’sonics Head Coach Bob Hill to use Murray solely as Ray Allen’s backup, rather than as a reserve combo guard.

Next, due mainly to the reports printed in the Boston Herald*, Sund should attempt to trade small forward Rashard Lewis, power forward Danny Fortson, center Robert Swift, the draft rights of Peter Fehse, the draft rights of Paccelis Morlende, the draft rights of Mickaƫl Gelabale, a conditional 2006 first-round draft pick [lottery protected through 2010], a 2006 second-round draft pick, a 2006 second-round draft pick [via the Memphis Grizzlies], and 2007 second-round draft pick, and a 2007 second-round draft pick [via the Memphis Grizzlies] to the Boston Celtics for small forward Paul Pierce, shooting guard Gerald Green, and power forward Justin Reed.


Projected Lineup
Center: Johan Petro (24 m.p.g.)
Center: Reggie Evans (24 m.p.g.)
Power Forward: Vladimir Radmanovic (24 m.p.g.)
Power Forward: Nick Collison (24 m.p.g.)
Power Forward: Justin Reed (0 m.p.g.)
Small Forward: Paul Pierce (40 m.p.g.)
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins (8 m.p.g.)
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen (40 m.p.g.)
Shooting Guard: Ronald Murray (8 m.p.g.)
Shooting Guard: Gerald Green (0 m.p.g.)
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour (24 m.p.g.)
Point Guard: Tony Delk (24 m.p.g.)
Point Guard: Rick Brunson (Inactive)

Good Times,

P.S.: If the 'sonics were to have had Paul Pierce (Player Efficiency Rating +26.2, Player Efficiency Rating Versus Opponents +12.4, Roland Rating +11.1, & Team Net +/- Rating +5.8) instead of Rashard Lewis (Player Efficiency Rating +23.1, Player Efficiency Rating Versus Opponents +5.1, Roland Rating +5.5, & Team Net +/- Rating +6.9) since the beginning of the regular season, then the team would probably have a .500 record.

P.P.S.: At any rate, though, the huge difference between Pierce and Lewis' player efficiency rating versus opponent proves that Pierce is a vastly superior defender; on the other hand, Lewis' higher Team Net +/- Rating is due mostly to the fact that the 'sonics have less productive players than the Celtics.

Anonymous said...

screw these little trades! rashard isnt taking his player option which means hes leaving...we might as well get something for him. danny fortson is suspended half the time...why not trade those 2 for someone who can play? chris duhon? earl watson? all the other no names that have been listed lately? WHO CARES??? we need some serious changes, and i dont think waiving mateen did the trick. we have the role players...luke, vlade, damien, etc...now lets get that boost that rashard isnt giving us.

the only other option is to completely suck and get a high draft pick...but we'll probably draft some foreign player who doesnt live up to the expectations

i could do a better job than rick sund and/or wally walker, garunteed. they got lucky last season


Anonymous said...

We should obviously trade all of our draft picks through 2019, Rashard Lewis, Johan Petro, Luke Ridnour and three players to be named in the future for Grant Hill. Would give us a solid inside presence.

Anonymous said...

Grant Hill??!!? That was joke right? So he could play 25 games a year and then get hurt?

Anonymous said...

we should trade rashard, danny, potato, mikki, flip, swift, all of our draft picks, and a 2% share of starbucks for elton brand!

Anonymous said...

How about Wally Walker for anything we can get in return? $30 and a crate of jock straos to be named later?

Anonymous said...

sonics suck. firing bob and mateen was the worst things possible.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the worst thing possible would've been to re-sign Jerome James to a 5-year, $30 mil. contract.

Go Seahawks!

Paul said...

"Go Seahawks!"


By the way, R.I.P. to the late great Dave Brown who died yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Lance, for whatever insane reason, there is a market for Vitaly Potapenko; thus, I wouldn't be shocked if the Atlanta Hawks would be willing to acquire him and Mikki Moore via a trade for Tony Delk—especially when the Hawks backup frontcourt presently consists of center John Edwards and power forward Esteban Batista.

Paul said...

b_con you so crazy!