Tuesday, February 14

More Stadia

I know I've been riding this horse particularly hard recently, but I thought this bit of back-and-forth from the Times' Bob Young worth reading:

"[Howard] Schultz has touted a Sonics' study, which shows the team adds more than $200 million to the local economy through spending by fans, players and the team.

"Seattle Center has hired economist Bill Beyers to check the Sonics' claim and conduct his own study. Beyers recently told the task force the Sonics' analysis overstated the team's impact and was 'not a good study.'

"Beyers is scheduled to present his report to Della's committee on Wednesday."

Count me among those curious to see what data Mr. Beyers produces. I'm guessing his figures will be slightly less than one Howard Schultz'.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, not a bad little deal.

Anonymous said...

WTF?? How does this help us?