Tuesday, June 6

Kemp/Karl II?

According to the Seattle Times, George Karl is taking a look at former Supersonic Shawn Kemp. Seriously:
"He seems clearer, stronger," Karl said Monday after Denver's three-day camp for free agents. "His words are older. They have some wisdom to them. It's the most grounded I've seen him."

The 36-year-old Kemp, who reportedly ballooned to 340 pounds in recent years, has been out of the league for the last three seasons but wants to play again. Kemp said he hired a trainer and dropped 75 pounds, helping reduce his body fat to 11.5 percent.

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Don't worry, George—if this doesn't pan out, I think Big Smooth might still be available.


Anonymous said...

George Karl coaching the Denver Nuggets and Mike Hargrove managing the Seattle Mariners is enough to piss me off at this point in time, as I don't like to be reminded of the 1993-1994 Seattle Supersonics.

Regarding the '93-'94 'sonics, Ervin Johnson (Milwaukee) and Gary Payton (Miami) are the only two members of that team who are stll playing in the NBA. At this rate, though, Shawn Kemp might add to that number next season. Yet, in any event, Johnson or Payton could retire during the upcoming off-season.

On a similar note, the Denver Nuggets star throughout the '94 Western Conference First-Round Playoff Series between the Nuggets and the 'sonics, Dikembe Mutombo, is presently playing for the Houston Rockets.

Anonymous said...

Is any of your post meant to be informative OR interesting?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how much Francisco Elson could learn about fouling from Frank Brickowski? - Wow -