Monday, December 11

Oh, Flip, You Make Me Laugh

I know we're all basking in the glow of a 3-game winning streak, and that there are plenty of juicy topics to chew on regarding the Sonics, but, well, this Flip Murray story just slays me.

"That's the kind of basketball I have played my whole life," sayeth Flip, regarding his role as the first option on offense for the second quarter of a recent game. "I've always been in that situation (No. 1 option). I just haven't found the right comfort zone in the NBA yet, where I can be that person."

This part, again:

"I've always been in that situation (No. 1 option)."

Right, Flip, you've always been the No. 1 option, if by No. option you mean "the first guy you put in when you're either leading or trailing by 15 points." Or, "the No. 1 option for selecting toppings on the lockerroom pizza."

Seriously, Murray's been in the league for going on five seasons now, and he still hasn't found a role as a starter in this league. Sorry, Flip, but if you think you deserve starter's minutes, perhaps you should give these guys a call.


Anonymous said...

You've got to admire Flip's confidence, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Flip's agent read our site. Tell Flip hello for us.

Anonymous said...

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