Tuesday, April 17

More Sonic News

Obviously, the arena and lack thereof dominates the news today. But I saw this in the Boston Herald and it certainly raised my eyebrows:

Boston Herald: "How much [Michael] Olowokandi actually wants to play was called into question this season. According to league sources, he turned down a chance to go to Seattle in January to play more. (The Celtics would have waived him and thus not received anything in return.)"

Would have made for an interesting second half of the season, no? A no-risk proposition for Seattle and Kandi's contract expires at the end of the season (he only made $750K this year). I can't say that it would have made a whole lot of difference in this season, but the fact Sund was looking for a big man certainly refutes the argument that he just sat in his office playing Tetris all season.

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