Thursday, April 19

Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

Well, is that how it all ends, then? Is a Mo Sene missed 15-footer the final play in Seattle Sonics history? Downtown, Gus, Lenny, DJ, X, Tommy, Det, the Glove, the Reignman, Sugar Ray, Rashard ... does it all come down to this?

Nobody can possibly know the future of this franchise, and I mean nobody. In the next three months we’re going to hear five pounds of speculation for every ounce of fact, and it would be wise to keep that in mind whenever some “expert” details what the future of the Sonics is.

One more piece of nostalgia before I go. Last night marked Kevin Willis’ appearance in Seattle for the first time in a couple years. Willis has been plying his trade since the 1984-85 season and I thought you might get a laugh out of some of the other folks picked in the 1984 draft, along with Kevvy Kev:

Sam Perkins. Charles Barkley. Alvin Robertson. Otis Thorpe. Michael Cage. Terrence Stansbury. Vern Fleming. Danny Young. Rick Carlisle.

Hakeem Olajuwon.

Michael Jordan.

Congratulations, Mr. Willis, you’ve outlasted all of them, and you may have outlasted Seattle’s basketball team as well.

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Anonymous said...

with the arena issue....the best advice i can give is to ignore all of the speculation until something is final. of course it is great to keep showing support. but dont let the media act like they know the facts. they know NO more than any of us.

i have heard opinions from A LOT of people. One thing I noticed is that everyone is saying something different which leads me to believe no one REALLY knows what they are talking about. Some know more than others, but still, no one knows it all.

So from this point on I am going to ignore it and hope for the best.